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Australia class homework

Australia Class

Homework due on 27.09.2017


This week we would like children to focus on reading and practising their sounds. Whenever possible, children should be reading daily to reinforce their blending skills and word recognition. Their reading sessions do not to have to be lengthy, 5-10 minutes is sufficient. It would be very helpful if you could leave a short note in your child’s reading record so that their book can be changed when the text is mastered.

We have prepared for children individual envelopes with their sounds inside. We would like children to practise recognising the sounds, build words with the sounds and to write down the words that they have made on a piece of paper. We would like children to bring their work to school by Wednesday 27th September. The envelops with sounds should be brought to school daily with the reading books.


Thank you,

Mrs Maciejewska


New school year, 2017-18