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This year we are raising money for a new Outdoor Learning Area for the children.




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Xmas Fayre Saturday 2nd December 1-3pm

Family Quiz Friday 23rd March

Wine Tasting Saturday 28th April

Summer Fayre Friday 29th June

Leavers Disco Friday 13th July


Looking forward to seeing you there!




Cocktail Night

Cocktail Night 1
Cocktail Night 2
Cocktail Night 3
Cocktail Night 4
Cocktail Night 5
Cocktail Night 6

Family Quiz Night


A full house for the family quiz night, as families and friends pitted their wits against each other in the annual FOGDS family quiz. Popular rounds included 'name that dog' , 'Guess the year', 'music intro', and the favourite 'guess the crisp flavour!' Thank you to Angela and Claire for doing a brilliant job in organising this event. 


Family Quiz

Family Quiz 1
Family Quiz 2
Family Quiz 3
Family Quiz 4


Poker night.  


A brilliant night was had by all at the poker night. Players of abilities enjoyed the poker, expertly led by Stephanie and Jens. Thank you to Stephanie and Carolin for organising the night. 




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. March 2016

The children enjoyed a delicious tea party at an event co-ordinated by Northampton University  students. Money raised will go towards buying books for the new library.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Christmas Festivities.

The children thoroughly enjoyed watching this years pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk. FOGDS pay for this as a Christmas treat for the children.

The hall was rocking to the Christmas beats on Thursday afternoon at the Christmas Disco party, again paid for by FOGDS. Children (and a few teachers!) wowed us with their dance moves.

Thankyou to school council and Mrs Dean who provided FOGDS with a thankyou afternoon tea. It was a lovely afternoon with delicious cake and mince pies. We are really pleased that you appreciate all our hard work.

Merry Christmas from all of the FOGDS team.

Christmas Fun

Christmas Fun 1
Christmas Fun 2
Christmas Fun 3
Christmas Fun 4
Christmas Fun 5
Christmas Fun 6
Christmas Fun 7
Christmas Fun 8
Christmas Fun 9
Christmas Fun 10
Christmas Fun 11
Christmas Fun 12
Christmas Fun 13
Christmas Fun 14
Christmas Fun 15
Christmas Fun 16
Christmas Fun 17
Christmas Fun 18
Christmas Fun 19
Christmas Fun 20
Christmas Fun 21
Christmas Fun 22
Christmas Fun 23
Christmas Fun 24

Thank you to everyone that came and supported the FOGDS Christmas Fayre. There were certainly plenty of things to keep you entertained. Thank you to Mrs Lamin, who led the children in beautiful singing and then Miss Shelton, who really cranked the volume up when Spain class got us all in to the Samba spirit with their amazing drumming.

Santa and his elves were  kept busy all afternoon by a large queue of eager children waiting to share their hopes for Christmas presents. The Christmas café was as popular as ever, with a large selection of cakes donated by parents. Connor was the very proud winner of a stunning Christmas cake, weighing in at 6lbs, 6oz, decorated by Hayley.

The Christmas tree looks amazing with all the brilliant Christmas tree decorations adorning its branches. What a crafty bunch you are. Well done to Annaleise , William S, Faris, Evie Ch and Iona who won the best decoration competition.

Thank you as always to FOGDS, especially Jess and Sim who co-ordinated the Fayre this year. What a fabulous team. We have hopefully raised £800 which will go to much needed equipment for the school.


Glamour and Groove Ball: part 2

Thank you to everyone who supported the recent FOGDS Glamour & Groove Ball Part II - feedback has been incredibly positive with cries of “When’s Part III?!?”


We are also thrilled to announce that once all payments are made, we anticipate fundraising to be in the region of £9,000 including £4£ matching from Barclays - AMAZING!! This will enable FOGDS to fund the completion of the new school library for our children, more on this will follow in the next few weeks.


FOGDS would also like to say special thanks to those who supported the event from Great Doddington village, and wider circles of friends and family, you are all extremely generous and your support is very much appreciated by the school and children - you also enjoy a good night out!!


If anyone fancies taking on the role of ‘Head of Balls’ with FOGDS (can be a shared role!) please let us know and maybe we can start thinking about Glamour & Groove Part III?!?!


Thanks everyone,



Glamour and Groove Ball: Part 2

Great Doddington Does Ground Force. November 2015

A small team of committed volunteers arrived at school on Saturday morning to start work on a project to improve the school grounds around the new play area. Under the expert eye of Tim Ellwood (Timotay Playscapes and Iona’s Dad!)the team were given instructions and set to work.

Within the first hour the trees came down, roots were dug up, concrete was pick axed and paving slabs lifted. We rewarded  ourselves with a tea break,  the mood was buoyant and we were proud of our achievements in such a short time. Then the rain came, and didn’t stop!

However, nothing deterred this determined bunch of people, rain coats were zipped up, and everyone carried on. Cheers echoed around the playground as each piece of concrete was battered by axes and hauled out of the ground. People continued to smile as they pushed yet another wheelbarrow of sand across the playground. As the day wore on it became apparent the scale of the work that we had undertaken.  Through torrential rain we continued to hammer, carry, shovel, saw, sweep and dig.

I have never seen a group of people work so hard, for so long. By the end of the day we had blisters on hands, sore backs, barely able to stand on our feet and physically unable to lift one more spade of sand or push another wheelbarrow. But the results are worth it.

Tim, Sarah, Iona, Harris, Neil, Tanya, Olivia, Karen, Geoff, Teresa, John, Stuart, Richard, Jo, James and Carolin. Your efforts were phenomenal and the results, once finished, will be amazing.

A massive thank you to Tim. Your expertise, vision, equipment and determination, pushed us all on and kept us going. It just goes to show what a group of people can achieve when they put their minds to it.

Jo Chapman

FOGDS Halloween Disco

A spooky time was had by all at the FOGDS Halloween disco. The children looked amazing in their costumes. Congratulations to Bew W and Tayla-Mae who won the best dressed competition. Thank you to FOGDS who worked really hard to put the event on.

Profits from the disco (over £220) have been donated to Cransley Hospice in memory of FOGDS member Sarah. It was lovely to see both her children enjoying the event.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us at the summer fayre on Saturday 4th July. We  had lots of sunshine and the children had fun in the Splashzone, Bouncy Castle, Stomp Rocket Zone, Football Shout Out and at all the other fun stalls. The children did some fantastic designs for the bunting competition. Parents enjoyed the country dance and the Happy dance performed by the children. The stocks were back and every class chose a volunteer for 20 minutes to raise money for our school. The winning classes were Australia (with Nathan Scola pulling the money in!), and Mexico (with Mrs Chapman raising the money). A special thanks to all the fabulous teachers and parent helpers who made this event happen! 
The money raised will go towards a new library for the school.
Your FOGDS team

Summer Fayre Fun

Summer Fayre Fun 1

USA themed bunting competition Summer fayre

USA themed bunting competition Summer fayre 1

Wine Tasting Quiz has now SOLD OUT!!!!!!! If you have not bought (or reserved your ticket) you have sadly missed out this time.


Recent FOGDS spending

Archery Session

Friendship bench and signpost stop

Class Christmas present

Selection box for each child

KS2 class footballs


Library books


Please support FOGDS events - your money really does make a difference to your childs education.


FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014

FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 1
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 2
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 3
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 4
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 5
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 6
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 7
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 8
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 9
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 10
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 11
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 12
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 13
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 14
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 15
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 16
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 17
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 18
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 19
FOGDS Christmas Fayre 2014 20

Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas Fayre. We raised a massive £800 which will go towards individual resources for each class.

It was great to see so many families enjoying all we had to offer, Christmas hook a duck, play your cards right, stocking pick and much more.

Congratulations to the Gledhill family who won the stunning Christmas cake decorated by Hayley Beck (previous Chair of FOGDS).

Thank you to all members of FOGDS who worked really hard to bring the event together, especially Jess, Lynsey and Sarah.

Picture 1
Everyone had a super spooky time at the FOGDS Halloween disco. It was great to see all the children dressed up in all their scary costumes. Thanks to all members of FOGDS for their hard work and to the teachers who helped to supervise the children.

Winners of the Fancy Dress Competition, Well done Lewis and Evie.

Winners of the Fancy Dress Competition, Well done Lewis and Evie. 1
Winners of the Fancy Dress Competition, Well done Lewis and Evie. 2

FOGDS Halloween Disco,

FOGDS Halloween Disco, 1
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 2
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 3
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 4
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 5
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 6
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 7
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 8
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 9
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 10
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 11
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 12
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 13
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 14
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 15
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 16
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 17
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 18
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 19
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 20
FOGDS Halloween Disco, 21
Thank you to everyone who attended the Sizzling Summer BBQ on Saturday. It was a fabulous afternoon and the sun certainly shone for us. There was  a vast array of stalls and activities, including  AMF bowling with their mobile bowling lane, and the "build your own rocket" zone. The scouts "tent pitching" stall certainly got the interest of the year 6 boys (and a certain competitive PE teacher, I'm still sulking a little that I didn't win the tent!) The biggest hit of the day seemed to be the Splash zone, with children desperately trying to out soak each other with water pistols and water bombs.
A big thank you to everyone who came and supported the event. We raised a whopping £2000, part of which will be spent on installing a permanent big sand pit into the reception classroom.
Thank you to everyone from FOGDS who worked really hard to bring the event together. A real team effort.
If you are interested in becoming a member of FOGDS our AGM is on Wednesday 17th September at 7pm at school. It would be lovely to see some new faces.

Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014

Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 1
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 2
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 3 Spinning Jenny
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 4 Country Dancing
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 5 Country Dancing
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 6 Country Dancing
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 7 Country Dancing
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 8 Rio Carnival - Greece Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 9 Rio Carnival - Greece Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 10 Rio Carnival - Greece Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 11 Volcano - Spain Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 12 Volcano - Spain Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 13 Stomp! - USA Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 14 Stomp - USA Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 15 Stomp! - USA Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 16 Stomp! - USA Class
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 17 Splash Zone
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 18 Splash Zone
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 19 Beauty Stall
Sizzling Summer BBQ July 2014 20 Football Shoot