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Yr 5-6 Tag Rugby

A great morning of Tag Rugby at Benham with the year 5-6 rugby team. They worked really well together, passed and tagged with gusto and it was a real joy to watch them playing.

First match, we met the eventual tournament winners and it took us a little time to get into our stride. However it was end to end stuff and the final whistle went with Great Addington leading by 1 try. A very close match.

Doddington were determined to win the next match and they took to the pitch with confidence. Some great runs from Archie, Archie and Fynn saw us get plenty of tries. Super defending from Matthew, Lauren, Lily and Solomon kept us ahead in the game. A win for Doddington.

The team were really playing well together and we finished the group stages with 2 more wins. Unfortunately Great Addington had won all their matches so went through to the first place play off.

We played for 3-4 place, but there was a lot at stake in this match as the top 3 teams would qualify for the county finals.

The team were really focused and determined to win. They played together brilliantly, supported well and listened to the coaching point. We won the match 6-2 County finals here we come.

I was really proud of all of the children. They showed great sportsmanship and team spirit.

Well done Team Doddington.

Jo Chapman

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Year 3-4 Tag Rugby

A fantastic morning of Tag Rugby at Benham sports centre, saw a team of children play their little socks off. Tag rugby relies on quick tags and speedy runs, which our team had in abundance.

I was delighted to see how well they played together as a team, working well to get the tags, force the opposition in to the side and their grit to keep going when they were being tagged.

We played 6 games, won 4 and lost 2. The final match was so exciting. The children  drove the ball forward time and time again and kept being met by a wall of opposition. However they kept going and were rewarded with a try. Team Doddington supporters went wild!

After all the points had been totalled we finished the tournament in 2nd place, a fantastic achievement for a mixed team of 3-4 children.

I was proud of all of the players. They were a real credit to the school. Next stop - the county finals!!

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Year 6 Girls Football

A fantastic afternoon of football at Higham school. The year 6 girls put in a splendid performance in their first game, attacking from the first kick of the ball. They had shot after shot on goal, (some of which I think goal line technology would suggest even crossed the line!) We were eventually rewarded for our efforts with a lovely goal from Stefanie, which was quickly followed up by 2 further goals.

Into the next match and the girls were full of confidence. End to end passing and tackling from both teams and were were very unlucky to come away with a 1-0 loss. 

Our next match was against the toughest team of the group. However, our girls worked together so well as a team and managed to keep the score line down to 2-0.


The teams were re-pooled and we were in the group playing for 7th place. 2 more fantastic games followed, our girls continued to battle hard, running all over the pitch and passing well to each other. We won the 1st game 1-0 and a stunning free quick from Lauren in the dying stages of the final match saw us win the last match 1-0. 

I was so proud of every player on the team performed. They got better with every match and plaed so well as a team.

Well done girls, you were all footballing superstars!


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Year 2 football

What a joy to watch the year 2 football team take part in the Pacesetter tournament. They worked so hard on the pitch and played a lot of football. We won 2, drew 2 and lost 1 which put is straight in to the final. A magnificent game saw us hold the unbeaten team of the tournament to 0-0 for 75% of the match. Our team put in some crunching tackles, defended brilliantly and were expert markers form the GK roll out. 

Sadly our defences finally broke and we lost the final 2-0. However this team had beaten us 6-0 in the group stages so we were very pleased with the result.

This team now progress to the county finals taking place next year.

Well done Team Awesome!

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Year 5-6 Football Tournament - September 2017

We took a strong team of players to take part in the Year 5-6 football tournament at Manor school. The team were keen  to play and looking forward to the challenge ahead. They had a great first game, where we had all the possession of the ball and plenty of shots on target, we just couldn't get any to go in the back of the net. 0-0 draw

Next game was against a tough side, with lots of very fast skill full players. We conceded an early goal and couldn't quite get into our rhythm after that. 2-0 lost

Determined to come back in the 3rd game, we took to the pitch with fighting spirit. Again, plenty of chances and some super saves form our GK kept us in the game, but a late goal from the opposition left us with another loss. Our players came of the pitch looking a bit dejected, but a quick pep talk and their spirits were lifted for the final match.

All the children battled hard throughout the last match against a physical side. They struggled with the bounce of the ball ,playing on astro instead of grass, but passed the ball well to each other across the pitch. Unfortunatley the opposition were too strong and we lost 2-0.


I was really proud of everyone for how they played. They fought hard and worked together well as a team. I know they came away disappointed but they really should be pleased with their performance.





New School Year 2017 - 2018
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Sports Day 2017

An amazing day of sport, teamwork, determination and talent was displayed by the children on sports day. The mornings round robin saw the children split into teams with children from every class in school. It makes me so proud to see the year 6 children supporting the youngsters, and everyone working so hard to win points for their team. Congratulations to team Tigers, who came out victorious after all the points had been totalled.

The afternoon races saw the children run, jump, skip, hoop  and carry their way down the track. New for this year was the Race for Life, to support cancer research. It was a really joyous occasion with everyone either completing in 1,2 or 3 laps of the park with parents and grand parents joining in as well.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped to make sports day such a success, especially Mrs Homer, who makes my job so easy on the day.

Great Doddington Primary School - We are brilliant at sport!

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Year 1-2 County Finals Dodgeball


We are Awesome!

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Northamptonshire Sport Summer Games – County Finals Quicksticks Hockey.

A ridiculously hot day saw 6 children take part in the Northamptonshire Sport’s big event of the year – the summer games. The event is held like a mini Olympics, complete with opening ceremony, flag bearers and athlete’s parade. The children listened to an inspirational talk from 5 times Paralympics GB wheelchair basketball player Claire Griffiths, about making the most of the opportunities to play sport and having fun.

First match and the children really got stuck in, playing together really well, linking defence and attack and making some excellent dribbles up the pitch, we just couldn’t score! With 30 seconds to go the opposition had 2 attacks and scored 2 goals. The team were understandably disappointed but were still confident of making progress throughout the tournament.

Match 2 started in exactly the same way, we had all the position of the ball, defended our lines beautifully and made good progress up the pitch, just couldn’t quite find the back of the net. The opposition again, had 2 shots on goal and scored twice, leaving us to wonder what we had to do to win a match. However, a tactical change from Coach Chapman, put ‘player of the match’ Emma in to defence, freeing Fynn up to move up the pitch. Within 1 minute of the switch, Fynn passed to Tom who coolly slotted it into the back of the net! We were on the score sheet. Sadly our excitement was short lived as the opposition returned with 2 more goals – another defeat.

A quick lunch break, where the children drank every bit of liquid they could get their hands on, including luke warm tea and we were ready for our 3rd match. The children were desperate to impress Mrs Davis who had come to cheer them on and it was a real delight to watch their determination through their 3rd game. Abi really got stuck in and passed the ball with skill through the middle of the pitch to Matthew who took his opportunity well and we were in the lead. Tom quickly followed up with a 2nd goal and the whole team continued to battle hard. Emily made some crunching tackles in the midfield and the improvement in her play game on game was brilliant to see. Unfortunately again, we let the lead slip, but the game finished with a draw – some well-deserved points on the board at last.

Our last game of the group and the children were desperate for a win. I was astounded with how well they played their final match, it was such a hot day, yet they never stopped running, tackling and passing. It was an end to end match with Matthew, Fynn and Tom all finding the back of the net, only for the opposition to reply with their own goal every single time. And yet again, with the dying seconds of the match, the opposition broke through and scored. It was such a shame to see the children walk of the pitch with their heads down as I couldn’t have asked for any more from them.

We had one final match to go, a play off for 9th and 10th place. A quick pep talk to pick their spirits up and they took to the pitch like the champions I know they are, with their heads held high and a real passion for the game.

From the first whistle, you just felt our luck had changed, where Abi, passed to Tom, who played a lovely ball to Matthew, who slotted it straight into the back of the net. This time, you couldn’t stop us scoring, and it was so nice to see the children being rewarded for all their efforts. Final score 5-2. We had won a match at the county finals.

On our day I really feel any of the matches could have gone our way, and the eventual tournament winners were a team we had drawn with during the group stages.

I could not fault our team for their determination, effort, passion and team work .

Emma – A real rock in defence, never takes her eye off the ball and makes ruthless clearances just when you need her to.

Fynn – I’ve never seen anyone so committed to stopping a ball going over the line as he dived again and again, with his stick out stretched to make the crucial final save.

Emily – A delight to coach, she really listened to what she had to do and followed out the instructions beautifully. She was so unlucky not to score in the last match of the day.

Matthew – Showed his strength in midfield as he got the ball out of defence and made precision passing up the pitch.

Abi – made some crucial tackles and worked really hard off the ball, marking players and making space for others to run into.

Tom – transferred his ice hockey skills brilliantly and looked really skilful with his stick on his hand, he also was our top goal scorer of the day.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Davis for supporting the children – I really couldn’t have done it without you.

J Chapman


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Pacesetter Games – County Finals – Multi skills Year 3

7 children had qualified for the county finals by winning the multi skills heats. The children competed in a range of activities testing their balls skills, shooting, dribbling, jumping, throwing and team work. The children were a fantastic team, cheering each other on and working very well together.

We finished 6th which I know they were a little disappointed by, but that means we are the 6th best at multi-skills in the whole county - an achievement to be very proud of.

The children were a real credit to the school, impeccably behaved and I was really proud of all of them.

Thanks to Mrs Harris and Mrs Kahn for helping with transport and supporting the children during the activities. I couldn’t do it without you.

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Change 4 Life Festival Year 3 4 June 2017

10 children took part in a fabulous afternoon of activities at Old Grammarians sports ground on Friday afternoon. The children, competed in a round robin of games, which saw them having to jump, run, throw, catch and hit a ball. They even had a go at judo! The young leaders from Huxlow school did a magnificent job of running the festival and our children responded brilliantly to them. I was so proud of all of the children for how they behaved and got stuck in to all of the activities on offer. They had big smiles on their faces and didn’t moan about the gale force wind (Unlike their less than hardy PE teacher who ended up wrapped up in a picnic blanket!)


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Northants Cricket school champions day

Our girls' cricket team won free tickets to a County Championship game at the County Ground, to see Northants play Derbyshire on Friday 9 June. Team GD were: Evie S (captain), Olivia, Freya, Emily, Megan, Carys, Lauren & Stefanie.

They watched 2 sessions of cricket, were given free team flags, got the autographs of some of the county players (including captain Alex Wakely, who signed everyone's team sheets ... and Stefanie's arm!), played cricket on the outfield during the lunch interval in front of quite a big crowd, and managed to dribble ice-cream all over their hands, shirts, shoes and anyone near them.


Wellingborough District Girls’ Cricket tournament, Thurs 8/6/2017 – CHAMPIONS AGAIN!

We took a team of 8 girls to the Wellingborough & District cricket tournament at Wellingborough OGs Cricket Club to defend our title and attempt to win for the third consecutive year. Team GD were: Evie S (captain), Olivia, Freya, Emily, Megan, Carys, Lauren & Stefanie.

There were 5 teams taking part this year, and despite a slow start (we lost narrowly & controversially in the first game to an Oakway side fielding 2 extra players from the start of the match until spotted!), we won every other game comfortably. Fortunately, results went our way, and we finished joint top of the league with Freemans and shared the title, meaning we once again win 8 free tickets to a Northants CCC game next season. The girls who played this year therefore earned their day out at the County Ground the following day (won by last year’s winning GD team), Friday  9th June.

Game 1: Oakway  246, Great Doddington 237  (Megan 18, Olivia 17, Carys 11)

Game 2: Freemans  232, Great Doddington 251  (Freya 14, Evie 10, Emily 9; Freya 3 wickets)

Game 3: All Saints  208, Great Doddington 260  (Olivia 18, Freya 14, Emily 14, Evie 14; Emily 3 wickets)

Game 4: Great Doddington 252, Olympic Primary 210  (Olivia 20, Emily 14; Freya 2 wickets)


It was a very close tournament today, with very little separating the top three teams. Our batting was powerful (we hit far more sixes than any of the other teams), but it was our bowling that stood out, considering most of these girls had never played in a tournament before. Stefanie’s bowling improved with every game, Olivia is now a genuine all-rounder, and Emily’s reaction to not being selected last season was to work on her bowling and turn herself into the best bowler in the team (and the fastest in the whole tournament) this year who bowled the vital final over in each game – a superb, mature reaction that is a lesson to everyone. Evie captained the side by example, although she might be better with a coin next time as her rock/paper/scissors match toss technique left a lot to be desired! They were of course a delight to take out, and a credit to the school. Can we make it four in a row next year?



Total runs scored

Total wickets taken

(bowling and fielding)
















Evie (c)










Player of the tournament: Freya


Thank you to Mrs Tyler for all your help and support today – it really is appreciated.

Mr Gunn

Archery June 2017

A brilliant, if somewhat chilly afternoon of archery for 2 teams of children from years 3-6.

Everyone really tried their best in some very windy conditions. Children had to aim at a traditional target, a jigsaw board, and then change technique completely to fire arrows high in to the air in the clout.

Sam and Callum were the only 2 children from our school to score points in the clout - super arrows boys.

Miah had a fantastic last 2 rounds, hitting the board with 5 out of her 6 arrows. Sophia and Molly, last minute additions to the team, but in strong performances in the final round, with Molly hitting the bulls-eye with her last arrow.

Rachael also scored a bulls-eye with her first arrow and then continued to rack up points for our team total.

Amy and Alanna got the hang of loading the bow and did really well in the jigsaw round.

Dougie and AJ scored consistently through out the competition. 

Evan competed in this tournament last year, and didn't score any points, but made up for it this year with some super arrows.

Star of the day goes to Ewan. A brilliant captain, he supported his team mates with encouragement and tips, and also scored well with his last 3 arrows. 

I was really proud of all of the children for keeping focused throughout the afternoon.

Thank you to the army of staff and parent helpers that supported the children. I couldn't do it without you.

J Chapman

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Wellingborough & District Cricket tournament, Weds 24/5/2017


We took a team of 8 boys to the Wellingborough & District cricket tournament at Wollaston CC. There were 12 teams taking part this year, and we performed well in every game, but lost out very narrowly in the two closest games, only being beaten off the last over against the eventual runners-up. We played 3 games in the morning groups, winning two and losing the third. That put us into the second tier group for the afternoon matches, playing for 4th / 5th / 6th place; a win and a defeat to an overthrow from the very last ball of the day left us 5th overall.


Group game 1: Great Doddington 246, Finedon 225  (Finn 24; Oliver 4 wickets, James 3 wickets)

Group game 2: Freemans B  193, Great Doddington 273  (Oliver 26, James 15; William 3 wickets)

Group game 3: Great Doddington 243, Little Harrowden 270  (Archie 18, Finn 15; Finn 3 wickets))

GD 2nd place in group, went into 2nd tier for round 2.

Tier 2 game 1: Freemans A  212, Great Doddington 221  (William 12; James, Jack & Archie 2 wickets)

Tier 2 game 2: Great Doddington 233, Little Harrowden 234  (James 20, Oliver 14; Finn 2 wickets)


It was a very close tournament today, with no real standout team, and very little separating 1st and 6th places. Our batting was sound, with some big hitting from poor deliveries (especially from Oliver) but a few too many risky shots from good balls in close games from one or two others. Our bowling has improved so much – especially Archie, a last-minute, replacement who did us proud, and Finn, who took a hat-trick in game 4 (that’s -15 runs to the opposition, in a game we won by only 9 runs). The most impressive aspect of our play today was fielding and catching, with plenty of run-outs taken and almost all catches held. The boys also supported and encouraged each other well.




Total runs scored

Total wickets taken

(bowling and fielding)













James (c)













Thank you to Mrs Parsons and Mr Scola for making today possible - your support is much appreciated.


Mr Gunn

Yr 3-4 Multi skills Pacesetter Tournament.


Brilliant performance from all the children as they threw, ran , jumped and dribbled their way to the top of the table.

Great Doddington Primary School Champions!!!!

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Year 5 Swimming Team

Year 5 Swimming Team 1

Yr 1-2 Pacesetter Games Girls Football


Absolute superstars.

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School Games Mark - Gold Award

4 children attended a celebration assembly to collect our Gold award for the schools games mark. This award is in recognition of our schools commitment to PE and Sport, the emphasis we place on sport for all and our achievements at district and county tournaments.

The children listened to an inspirational  talk by Alistair Patrick - Hesleton, a professional footballer who survived a horrific car crash and went on to represent paralympic GB at London 2012.

The main message of his story was 2 fold - Enjoy everything you do, if you don't enjoy it there is no point doing it. Try your best in everything, even the things you find hard. If you keep practising it wont be hard for much longer.

Alistair also reminded the children about the fantastic opportunities that the children have available to them through sport in primary school.

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Pacesetter Cross Country Championships Year 2 March 2017

A fantastic morning at Bridgewater Primary School where 7 children competed in the Pacesetter cross country championships. The children walked the course to start with and were quite shocked at how far they had to run!

Cyrus got the team off to a great start, despite falling over, finishing in second place.  George had a great run and  also finished in 2nd.  Jaycee went off like the clappers and managed to carry on going, despite a stitch, finishing in 6th place. Zara, again ran really hard at the start and managed to hold on for a 2nd place finish. Noah, in a very strong field, put in a fantastic performance to finish  in 5th place. Noel, still recovering from a poorly foot, raced hard and managed to cross the line in 2nd place.

The next activity was the tree, rock bridge relay. Super team work from the children meant we won this race minutes ahead of the other team. Despite some confusion in the hoop relay the team worked hard and again finished first.

Last event was the relay cross country. Another gruelling lap of the course, this time with baton in hand ready to hand on to the next runner. Cyrus and George got the team off to a fantastic start, chasing down the opposition, brilliant running from Jaycee and Zara, followed by Lucie who had been a little reluctant to take part. However she really dug deep to keep on running around the course. Great attitude Lucie. Super laps from both Noah and Noel, brought the team home in 3rd place.

We finished in 3rd place overall, which is a brilliant result. Well done to all the children that took part. You were all superstars.

Thank you to the parents that helped with driving, supporting and encouragement. I couldn't do it without you.

Jo Chapman

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District Cross Country Championships March 2017

What a fantastic day we had at Croyland Park, as all of KS2 took part in the District Cross Country Championships running alongside over 800 children from the district. We are the only school that enables all of the children to take part as we firmly believe that sport is for everyone, and everyone can benefit whether they are running for the top spot, trying to complete the course without stopping, or just trying to cross the finish line in one piece.

Due to the copious amounts of rain in the run up to the event, the ground was slippery, and muddy underfoot, plus the route was much more adventurous than in previous years, however the children rose to the challenge brilliantly. Not so many smiles from them whilst they were out on the course, but once there race was finished there was plenty of happy faces as stories of ditches to jump, tree stumps to avoid and muddy banks to slog up were shared.

It was fantastic to see how the children supported each other throughout their own race, and also cheering each other on from the sides of the course.

First finishers home from our school were:

Year 3 girls – Iona

Year 3 boys – Alfie

Year 4 girls – Tayla - Mae

Year 4 boys – Fynn

Year 5 girls – Lauren

Year 5 Boy – Baydon

Year 6 Girls- Emily

Year 6 Boys - Finn


Iona won the year 3 girls race, with Evie taking second place, Fynn finished 3rd in the year 4 boys race and Finn finished 3rd in the year 6 boys race. As a school we finished 6th overall out of 18 schools – what a fantastic result!

Thank you to all the staff that supported the children, especially those that ran the course. Without your support, some children would not be able to make it around. A huge thank you to the large army of parent volunteers who supported the children on the coach, helped get the children to the start line, collect them from the finish line and ran the course with some of our children. Your support is vital to us and we really couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you to all the parents that came to cheer the children on. It was fantastic to hear the “Doddington Roar” as the children approached the finish line.

Running is a great way to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors, no equipment needed! Next time you go to the park, why not have a little jog – never too early to start training for next years event!

Jo Chapman


Cross Country Race Timings Thursday 23rd March 2017

Cross Country Race Timings Thursday 23rd March 2017 1

Pacesetter Games - Girls Football Tournament - Yr 4 March 2017

6 girls took part in the football tournament, playing against 5 other schools from around the county. The girls were apprehensive at the start, and were very tentative in our first match, seemingly scared of the ball. Bayley played well in goal, once she started to use her hands, and did well to keep the score line down to 4-0.

The girls listened well to the adivce, to get stuck in ,and track back with the players. However their next match was against the eventual tournament winners, so again the girls found it hard to keep posession. Another good dispaly in goal, this time from Lily, and the game finished 2-0.

Amy, a little reluctant to go in defence, really stepped up in the next match and chased the ball hard and cleared her defensive area well. Yet another great effort in goal by Alanna and we were unlucky to lose 1-0.


With 10 minutes each game, no breaks in between and no subs, the Doddington girls were feeling tired. However, finally everything came together for them in the 4th match. They played really well as a team, Emily providing another sterling performance in the goal, Amy and Alanna in defence, Rachael and Lily in midfield and Bayley May upfront. A penalty was awarded to us and Bayley May stepped up with nerves of steel, to slot it past the keeper. The crowd went wild! (ok - so 2 Doddington supporters got a bit over excited - and the girls got to show us their goal celebration!) With 2 minutes to go, we were awarded another penalty, and with more cool than a premier league footballer, Bayley May picked her spot and blasted it past the kepeer. 2 -0 win to Doddington.

Still with a chance of making it to the Semi finals, the girls gave it their all in the last match. End to end stuff, but I think we just eventually ran out of steam and lost 2-0.

We finished 5th - but what a great effort from all of the girls. The improvement between the first and last match was incredible to see - they just got better and better.

Thank you to Mrs McDairmund for helping with transport and being as loud as me on the sidelines. I couldn't do it without you.

Jo Chapman

Girls Football Year 4

Girls Football Year 4 1
Girls Football Year 4 2

Yr 6 Hi 5 Netball - March 2017

6 Children arrived at Christopher Hatton to play against 15 other schools to claim the crown of district champions and progress through to the county finals. A quick warm up showed the Doddington players were quick on their feet, could pas and throw accurately, but were a little off with their ability to shoot.

Doddington v Our Ladies 

First match and the team played brilliantly. Linking passes together, moving the ball around the court, out playing the opposition in every area. Super passes between Ashleigh and Olivia gave us plenty of scoring opportunities. Unfortunately we just couldn't get the ball in the net. With 30 seconds to go, the opposition took the ball in the D had 1 shot at goal and scored. A really disappointing 1-0 loss. The tournament organiser even commented on how well we had played and what an unlucky result it was.

Doddington v Ruskin

Spirits were still high as we went into our second match. Again, Doddington showed fantastic play around the court. Joe and Emily passing and catching well, Carys looking for space and all players marking tight to our opponents. Time and time again we aimed for the net, the ball bounced off it in every direction, apart from in it!

Ruskin took their chances when they came and we lost 2-0.

Doddington v All Saints

A tougher match for us, All Saints matched us on the court for speed and passing ability. Jack defended brilliantly, leaping high in front of the Goal Shooter to block endless shots. Again, we were really unlucky in front of the post, and we began to realise that it was just not going to be our day. All Saints did take advantage of their scoring opportunities and won 4-0.


We ended up in the bottom pool, but the children were still keen to play and we had another 3 games ahead of us.

Doddington v Cogenhoe

A really close game, end to end passing from both teams. It suddenly became very clear why 4 schools were in the bottom pool as they were having just as bad luck with their shooting as we were. The game finished as a 0-0 draw.


Doddington v Park

Another brilliant game by Doddington. All children continued to pass, throw, catch, mark - just not score! Another 0-0 draw.


Doddignton v Irthlingborough

Last game of the night. The children had worked so hard all afternoon - and were desperate to get the ball in the net. But it was just not meant to be. So many chances, but still no goals. The children continued to battle hard all over the court and worked together well as a team.


We finished in 15th place - which is really no reflection of how well they played. They didn't once let their heads go down and on another day, I really think they could have been battling for one of the top spots. 

Thank you to all the parents that helped with transport and cheered loud and proud on the side line.

I couldn't do it without you.

Jo chapman


Netball 1

Pacesetter Games - Benchball Year 5 March 2017

7 year 5 children competed at the Pacesestter benchball tournament against 8 other schools. We were a little unsure of the rules as they were different to how we play at school, but the children picked them up quickly and understood that they had to throw the ball from one end of the court to the other, aiming for our catcher on the bench The team with the most children on the bench at the end of 2 minutes, won. Matches consisted of 3, 2 minute games and the children had 5 matches to play. 

It became very apparent in the first game that our height was going to be a bit of a problem. The opposition seemed to tower of us like giants and we needed to think about bouncing the ball around rather than throwing over.

The children tried really hard to pass the ball around the court, but struggled to keep possession and were really outclassed in the first game. 

However, we used our first break as an opportunity to get some much needed practice and the children began to work as a team, passing the ball around the court, and throwing it accurately on to the bench.

Max did an amazing job in defence - blocking throw after throw on to the bench. Archie and Rylee's movement around the court and their determination to keep going was brilliant and they really helped to keep the team in some matches.

Amelia and Lauren worked really well together, finding space and getting the ball to each other to enable Stefanie to make some super catches as our bench player. Isaac was so enthusiastic, with everything he was asked to do. He was brilliant at defending, leaping about the court. 

We played 5, lost 4 and won 1, which I know the children were a little disappointed with. However, they really shouldn't be as they did themselves and the school proud.

Thank you to Mrs Pickering for help with transport and supporting the children. I couldn't do it without you.

Jo Chapman


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Quicksticks Hockey Tournament March 2017 Year 4

A glorious afternoon of hockey took place at Wrenn Astro, with 6 year 4 children representing the school in the district hockey tournament, aiming to represent the district at the county finals.

16 schools had entered the tournament so the children had a long battle to make it to the top.

Great Doddington vs Our Lady’s won 2-0

A great start for the team, they worked together well passing to each other and clearing the ball well out of defence. Great goals from Thomas and Fynn meant confidence was high.

Great Doddington vs Ruskin won 4-0

Another super match, with Matthew finding the back of the net 3 times, with some super individual skill to drive in to the D. Emma defended like a legend, whacking the ball away if it came anywhere near her. Another goal for Fynn with a lovely piece of skill to beat the defender and Doddington won the match comfortably

Great Doddington vs Park won 2-1

Tougher opposition, but the team held strong, scoring very quickly from Matthew. Abi linked up with some super play to get the ball out of midfield and up the pitch to Thomas who was waiting to slot the ball in to the net. A slight lapse in defence towards the end of the match and we conceded our first goal of the tournament.

Coming top in the group put is in to the winners pool to decide the top 4 placings.

Great Doddington vs Freeman Drew 0-0

Our hardest match of the tournament, a very well organised Freemans side put a lot of pressure on us. Our defending combination of Emma, Thomas and Fynn held strong and worked together to clear the ball away under a barrage of shots. Super work from Emily in midfield gave Matthew plenty of opportunities in front of goal, but was sadly denied by some expert Freemans defending.

Great Doddington vs Little Harrowden won 2-1

Another tricky match but Doddingtons superior stick skills and understanding of the game, meant we exposed Little Harrowdens weaknesses. The team played really well together linking passes up the pitch which put Matthew in for another goal. A super individual goal from Fynn as he brought it out of defence and dribbled up the pitch to slot it past the Harrowden defender. A tense few minutes as Little Harrowden retaliated, but the team held strong and again the defensive line held firm.

Great Doddingotn vs Stanwick Won 3-2

The last match and the children knew that if they won this they would win the whole tournament. A superb start from Thomas and Matthew put us 2 nil up in the first 2 minutes. Abi continued to push the ball forwards, followed up by Emily who was very unlucky not to score in the final match, with some super runs into the D. Emma was really solid in defence, nothing was getting past her. Thomas scored a goal and we thought we had the game in the bag. However Stanwick did not give up and with 2 minutes to go scored 2 quick goals. Unlike the nervous coach on the side line, the team held firm and showed real grit and determination to hold out the match 3-2 winners.

Wellingborough district Quicksticks Hockey champions!

What a fantastic result. It was a real pleasure to take these children out. They played well together as a team, listened carefully to advise and worked their little (hockey!) socks off.

Onwards to the county finals in July!


Jo Chapman

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The routes for all cross country races March 2017

Multi skills Tournament Year 1-2 February 2017

What an exciting afternoon of sporting activity our year 1 and 2 multi-skills team took part in at Redwell leisure centre on Wednesday afternoon. The children had to take part in 8 different stations, which demonstrated a range of fundamental movement skills, balancing, throwing, catching, team work and ball skills. The team got off to a really strong start, matching pairs that were hidden under cones. Great work from Luke, who really enjoyed this station. Onto clowning around, Donna was brilliant at this, passing the ball around her body with great ease. Picture perfect saw the children having to side step between cones and find missing jigsaw pictures. It was lovely to see Lily as a young leader on this station, doing an amazing job supporting our youngsters. On to Popping pirates. Owen hopped and carried equipment carefully to balance on to a one-legged Kaidon. River crossing was Rosie’s favourite and she worked really well with Joe to get the hoop across the space without touching the floor. Crazy lanes saw the children rolling the ball to each other, running to the next cone and then firing the ball at the goal. Super passing by Hannah and Zara, meant we had plenty of points. Last station was On the mat, Oliver and Abi throwing with great accuracy to hit the mat with their beanbags and quoits. After a very quick break, the children completed all the activities for a second time, aiming to increase our total score.

The children had put plenty of effort into the event. They listened very carefully to all the instructions, and had to concentrate hard as each station was different from the last. I was so proud of how each of them behaved. They were a real credit to the school.

When the results were announced we had finished in 2nd place which is an amazing achievement. Runners up in the district Multi skills tournament Very proud of them all.

Thank you to Mrs Haynes and Mrs Prendergast for your help with transport and support during the event. I couldn’t do it without you.

Mrs Jo Chapman.

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Take 6 Basketball Tournament Year 4-5 January 2017

7 children took part in the basketball tournament at Weavers Academy on Thursday afternoon. It was apparent from the warm up that we had a strong team of players, but would we be able to take our chances in front of the hoop.

First game against Finedon was end to end. Some fantastic defensive play from Callum and Fynn put Archie in with some great scoring opportunities. Super shooting from Archie and we were 2-1 up at half time. The girls took to the court and battled hard against some very tall opposition. Stefanie created some great chances, but couldn't quite find her aim. Finedon 4-3 Doddington

Second match against Cogenhoe was another fast paced game. Konstantin dribbled well and again put Archie in with some excellent attacking play. Fynn made many driving runs through the centre of the court and was unlucky not to convert a few of his shots. 2-1 down at half time and the girls took to the court. Lauren really showed how skilful her positional play is making excellent runs and dodges to find space for Lexi to pass to her. The girls levelled the score with fantastic shots from Stefanie, but unfortunately with the last throw of the match Cogenhoe lobed the ball up and into the basket. Cogenhoe 4- Doddington 3

Third match and the children were determined to get a win. They knew they were playing well; we just needed to be more accurate with our finishing. The boys got us off to a fantastic start. Callum, Fynn and Archie were dominant on the court and Fynn finally got on the score sheet with some precision shooting. The girls maintained the lead and held firm in defence, working hard on their marking. All Saints 0 - Great Doddington 3

Last match of the group stage and the children were really in to their playing rhythm. Super effort from Konstantin in defence and the boys opened a lead going in to half time. Lexi made some excellent interceptions and set Lauren and Stefanie up for some driving runs forward. Stefanie had found her aim and the ball started to hit the target. Victoria 2- Great Doddington 3

We finished the pool stages in 2nd place which put us into the semi-finals against Park Junior School. Although the children played brilliantly, we couldn't quite match Parks skill on the ball and precision shooting. It also helped that they had 3 of the tallest year 5 girls I have ever seen!

Our final match was against Woodford for the 3rd 4th Place. Another super performance by the team, but we just came up against some children who could not miss the basket even if they tried, with shots flying in from all over the court.

Final result - 4th Place.

I was so proud of all the children for how they played on court, behaved whilst representing our school, and for their team work and enthusiasm during the games.

Thank you to all the parents that helped with transport and came to cheer the children on - I hope you were as proud of them as I was. Basketball super stars!

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Girls Football County Finals January 2017

Having secured qualification to the finals back in October, by winning the district tournament, the girls knew they had a tough night of football ahead. The step from district to county level is massive, especially for a small school, but the girls were looking forward to the tournament and just wanted to do themselves proud. Well they certainly did that.

During last years tournament they lost every match and conceded plenty of goals, but it was a different story this year.

A very close fought opener against St Patricks saw the ball fly from end to end. Some excellent defensive work from Lauren and Stefanie meant that St Patricks were unable to have any scoring opportunities, and with some very near misses from Emily  Doddington felt that they could have edged a win in the match. Final score 0-0

Confidence was growing as they went in to their second match against Millbrook. Some brilliant midfield play from Ashleigh Carys and Evie, the team were linking passe together well and again creating chances up front. Saves from super Keeper Freya kept us in with a chance and again Doddington left the pitch feeling that they could have won the match. Final score 0-0 

The girls were desperate to score going into their 3rd match against Hardingston. They listened well to coaching advise and continued to play the ball around as a team. Lauren excelled in defence, putting in some crucial tackles and playing the ball unselfishly to her team mates. Some excellent play from Olivia, who had been working on her quick footwork, and Doddington were really pushing for their opening goal. However a quick break from the opposition saw them take their chance and we conceded our first goal. Final score 1-0 lose


Our last match pitched us against the eventual tournament winners Millway. It was clear from the start that they had some very talented footballers in their team, however the girls really dug deep and chased them down all over the pitch. Their spirit and team work remained in tact and it was lovely to see them working so hard together. Final score 2-0 lose.


I am so proud of all of the girls for the way they played. They are a real credit to the school.


Thank you so much to Mrs Parsons for taking the girls - I don't know what I'd do without you and to Nicky for helping with transport and keeping me updated throughout the event! I really do appreciate it.

J Chapman

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Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament year 5-6 – January 2017

Another action packed morning at the Dodge ball tournament, this time for our oldest children. I had warned them that the tournament would be fast and furious and by the end of the morning I think they would all agree.

A last minute replacement meant Oliver got to show his prowess at dodgeball. He has an amazing ability to dodge, catch and throw and was a real boost to the team.

Katy M and Phoebe got some excellent hits and listened to the coaching about moving forward with the ball. Robert, was a key part of the team. With sneaky sideways throws he caught the opposition out a number of times. Charlie was amazing on the court. Completing 2 catches in quick succession which put us back up to 5 players on the pitch.

Katie A worked tirelessly around the court, and her accurate throwing and dodging really helped the team to stay on top in 2 crucial matches.

Joseph, who told me he had been looking forward to the tournament all week, relished every minute on the court, throwing, catching, dodging. He made some brilliant catches which helped win games for the team.

By the end of the morning, we had won 5 drawn 1 and lost 1, which finished us in 3rd place. I know the team were disappointed with the result as they really felt that they had played well enough to make the final, however every single member of the team can hold their head up high as they were absolutely amazing.

It was a real joy to take all of these children to the tournament. The team spirit amongst them was fantastic, supporting and listening to each other. They showed brilliant sportsmanship all morning and were a real credit to our school. A very proud PE teacher indeed.

Thank you to Mrs Haynes who helped with driving and support, I really appreciate it.

Jo chapman

Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6

Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6 1
Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6 2
Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6 3
Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6 4
Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6 5
Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6 6
Pacesetters Dodgeball Tournament Year 5-6 7

Pacesetters Games Dodgeball Year 3-4 January 2017

Our first snowy day of the year, meant there was great excitement as the Year 3-4 Dodgeball team set off for Benham sports centre to take part in the Pacesetters games. The children had a packed morning, competing in 7 matches with no breaks in between.

The team were a little cautious at the start, and made some simple errors like turning their backs on the ball and throwing from too far away which meant that we lost our first couple of matches to some very strong opposition.

However, the team listened really well to the coaching advice and improved their skills with each games. Colin, the self proclaimed king blocker, kept his eye on the ball and batted it away whenever it came near him. Emma had a magnificent work rate on the pitch and scored some excellent hits with her accurate aiming. Leyli worked really hard to retrieve the ball from any area of the pitch and fire it back at the opposition as quickly as she could.

We started to draw a few games, but the children were desperate to win a match. Mavi, a little hesitant at first, really started to shine with his excellent throwing ability and dodging the ball whenever it came his way. Iona worked her little socks off on the pitch and focused hard on dodging the ball if it came her way. She was very unlucky a few times to be hit whilst her back was to the ball.

Our 5th Game was against Kingsthorpe. We won the first game as Alicia and Dougie held their nerve to be last 2 standing, the second game ended in a draw. It was down to the final game – could we win our first match. Dougie really found his aim and with 2 excellent shots, he took out 2 of the opposition – super throwing Dougie! Alicia, who had been told to work on her pace, made an excellent quick throw and took another of Kingsthorpe out. Lukas, who had been ducking and diving the balls the whole match continued to dodge and move himself out of harms way. As the final whistle went we had 4 left compared to Kingsthorpe 2. We had won our first match. It was really lovely to see the reaction on the children’s faces – and was a very well deserved victory as they had worked so hard all morning.

Congratulations to Wollaston, the eventual tournament winners.

I was so proud of every single member of this team. They were a real pleasure to take out. They worked together really well as a team, listened well to instructions and most importantly thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thankyou to Mrs Ellwood for helping with transport, official photography and water runner! I couldn’t do it without you.

Jo Chapman

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Pacesetters Dodgeball  Year 1-2 Tournament 

What a fantastic morning we had at the Pacesetters Dodgeball tournament. We had not had a practise  before hand, but the children were full of confidence going into their first match. 

The children raced to be first to the ball, retreated to the back line and then took aim and fired at the opposition. What followed was 2 minutes of frantic back and forth as the balls were thrown from one side to the other, with children dodging, jumping and catching. If the children were hit by a ball they had to leave the field of play, if a child caught the ball then a player could return the pitch. Whichever team had the most players still on the pitch after 2 minutes won a point and the game started again, for 2 more 2 minute rounds. At the end of 6 minutes the team with the most points won. All of the children picked up the rules so quickly and began making some excellent throws across the pitch. Alfie and Oscar really worked hard at scooping up the ball and taking aim at the opposition. Zara and Zoe kept their eyes on the balls the whole time, making sure they were dodging the onslaught of balls that were being fired at them. 

After a couple of matches it became apparent that we were really quite good at it, we were winning our matches and often clearing the entire opposition team with over a minute to go.

After a short break we were on to our next round of matches. Bethel really found her confidence and began racing to collect the balls from all over the court, Will did a sterling job of dodging the balls that were being thrown at him, mainly by diving along the floor at any opportunity. Lexi was the last girl standing for 2 matches. She did not stop racing around the court dodging balls and firing them back to the opposition, a little more power in her throwing arm and she will be a force to be reckoned with on the Dodgeball court.

After all 10 of our group matches had been played we waited to hear who had made the final.

We were announced in 2nd place, to great squeals of delight form the children (and a rather overexcited coach). We had made the final, up against Overstone. 

What followed was 6 very tense minutes as the children worked their little socks off . Following the coaches advise of keep your eye on the ball and just keep doing what you are doing they played amazingly well as a team. Noel, not just player of the tournament from our school, but player of the tournament out of everyone there, was outstanding. Overstone had obviously seen us play and decided to target Noel by aiming at him. However, he was more than capable of dodging 3 or 4 balls at once, scooping them up and then firing them back with such pinpoint precision and power that it left the watching adult spectators speechless.  After 3 rounds the scores was tied (1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw each). A final decider was needed. Noels domination of the court and the excellent team work from the rest of the team meant that as the final whistle went Doddington had 4 players left on the court compared to Overstones 2. Great Doddington Primary School - Dodgeball Champions. The crowd went wild!!! (Well, our parent supporters and head coach)

I am so proud of this group of children. It was an absolute pleasure to watch them master the game and play with such enjoyment, team work and skill.

Thank you to the parents who helped with transport and supported the children. I'm sure you will agree that it was a real joy to watch them and how very deserving they were to be crowned champions.

On to the county finals in July!

Jo Chapman




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Inclusive New Age Kurling Tournament -  December 2016

We had a super morning at Southfield school for girls taking part in an Inclusive New Age Kurling Tournament. Played with plastic "stones" on wheels, the aim is to push the stones down the hall to land on the target. Matches are played over 4 ends and whichever team has the most stones near the centre wins the points.

It was fabulous to see this team participate throughout the morning. They listened to the tips about pushing the stone and really tried hard to get their technique accurate. Jason found the centre spot a few times, only to be pushed off with the next stone by the opponents. Evan needed a little more force at the start of the competition but by the end his stones were nearly reaching the target.

Martyn was full of enthusiasm and determined to do his best for the school.

The sportsmanship from the team was great to see, clapping and cheering other schools, shaking hands at the end of the matches and being really positive throughout the whole morning.

We finished 8th in our pool, which is a result that we are really proud of.

Thank you to all the staff that supported us at the tournament, I know you were as proud of the children as I was for their fantastic behaviour, they represented our school brilliantly.


J Chapman

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Pacesetters Tag Rugby Tournament Year 3-4 Tag Rugby

What a morning of tag rugby we had at the Pacesetters games year 3-4 tag rugby tournament. Our intrepid team of players, 3 of whom had very little playing experiences, turned into fearless warriors on the pitch, taking tag after tag after tag and making some precision runs through the opposition to score amazing tries.

The children played 4 matches in the group stages and had an impressive 3 win 1 draw to take them through to the next stage in 2nd place (beaten into the top spot by just 1 try).

The semi-finals saw an end to end game of tag rugby, brilliantly played by both teams. Jake made some crucial tags, along with Bayley May who forced opponents off the pitch with her excellent defending. Solomon made some fantastic runs through the pitch and made a very sensible pass on the line to put Jude in for a try.

Taylae-Mae really got stuck in and made some fabulous runs and tags. Evie was storming up the side on the verge of scoring a try when she was slammed into the floor by the opposition. She was such a brave girl and was raring to go in time for the next match.

Doddington had earned their place in the final – up against Crick. During the group stages we had held them to a 2-2 draw, and our team were raring to go for the final.

Very early on, Matthew made yet another drive for the line and was forced into the side by the opposition. Another great show of bravery, and he was determined to play on to the end of the final. Despite a valiant effort, we lost the final 3-2.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of this team. They worked so hard on the pitch, worked as a team, listened to tactics and supported each other throughout the whole tournament.

Thank you to Mrs Pickering and Mrs Scola for help with lifts and support on the side lines. Loud and proud on the side lines as always!

Runners up in the pacesetters games is a fantastic achievement and means we make the finals to be played in July.

With a little bit of practice this team will go a long way.

J Chapman

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Pacesetters Multi skills Tournament Year 1 – 2 November 2016

It was a real pleasure to take 7 children from Australia class to participate in their first tournament representing our school.

The children took part in a variety of activities, starting with River Crossing, where the children had to get the whole team to cross the river by only standing in hoops. The team worked really well together, passing the hoops back and forward across the line, with Kyla leading the team beautifully. Next up was standing long jump, and after a quick practice, the children leapt forward with great skill, especially Nathan, with the biggest jump of the morning.

Bean bag throw required accuracy and precision as the children aimed to get their beanbags to land inside the centre circle. Brilliant throwing, particularly from Noah C, meant we scored lots of points.

Under and over game needed more team work and plenty of concentration as the ball went over their heads and then rolled through their legs. Brilliant work from Henry and Charlie meant we collected lots of cones for our team.

Hockey dribble (my favourite!) and Dhanya really came into her own with some beautiful control on the ball, weaving in and out of the cones and shooting in to the goal – great work.

The last event was a flat running race. Every child ran down the hall as quick as they could. Super running from Faris added to our teams points total.

We finished in 6th place which is a brilliant result. It was so lovely to see the joy on the childrens faces as they tried their best at each activity.

Thank you to Mrs Haynes and the parents that helped with transport and stayed to cheer us on. I hope you were as proud of the children as I am - they were a real credit to our school.


Mrs Jo Chapman

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Sports Hall Athletics Tournament. November 2016

17 year 5 and year 6 children took part in a sports hall athletics tournament at Manor school on Thursday afternoon, competing against over 200 other school children.

The children took part in a series of running, jumping and throwing events to earn points for the team. In previous years we have been very strong in the field events, but lacked speed over the running.

The children did a superb job throughout the whole tournament. With notable performances from Olivia in the Javelin winning her heat, Emily, Evie C and Finn in the speed bounce all ranked in the top 5, the boys 4 x 1 relay team finishing 2nd and the girls Parlauff team finishing 1st.

Once all scores had been finalised we finished  8th out of 19 schools in the district. Looking through the list of schools, we were the highest finishing small school and scored a lot higher than many of the larger schools.

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the event and the small army of parents that supported me. Sports Hall Athletics is always a noisy one, with lots going on, and my parent helpers rose to the challenge admirably.

J Chapman


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Pacesetters Year 4 Football Tournament November 2016

Matthew, Jude, Solomon, Fynn, Thomas, Callum, Samuel

A great morning of football for the year 4 boys. Playing indoors meant the boys had to get used to rebounding the ball off the wall and getting stuck in tight corners. We had a quick practice before the games started and the team confidently took to the pitch for their first match.

A really close game with some excellent defensive performances from Samuel and Fynn. We were very unlucky to lose 1-0 to the eventual tournament winners Crick.

The boys were keen to get a win under the belts and went into the next match with a good attitude. Another hard fought contest, our midfield of Matthew, Jude and Callum made some crucial challenges and Matthew scored a cracking goal to give us our first 3 points.

Straight into our last group match against a strong Pitsford side. The team played beautifully together, stringing together passes, lovely long balls down the pitch meant our goal keeper Thomas had very little to do in this match. Solomon had some near misses on goal, both Jude and Matthew put 2 past the keeper.  4-0 win to Doddington !   We finished the group in second which put is an a semi final match against Abbey A team.

Before the match all the teams observed a 1 minute silence for Armistice day. Lovely to see all schools together.

The semi final was end to end, with both teams having plenty of scoring opportunities. Abbey took an early lead but we battled hard and Matthew equalled the score with a lovely  goal in to the bottom corner. With 1 minute to go Abbey broke through our defence and shot at goal. 2-1 to Abbey. Doddington were really disappointed not to make the finals, however they picked themselves back up and beat Brampton 1-0 with a super goal from Jude to finish 3rd overall.

A super effort from the boys. I was really proud of them all for the way they picked themselves up, played together as a team and enjoyed the morning.

Thank you to Mrs Haynes for helping with transport and cheering the boys on.

J Chapman

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Year 5-6 Tag Rugby Tournament. November 2016

Emily, Ash, Carys, Lauren, Finn, James, William, Owen, Joe, Archie, Archie, Oliver

Wow!!! I am lost for words as to how well this group of children played tag rugby. Due to many other commitments we have not had time to practice together as a team, but the children had remembered the basics taught through PE lessons and PE club last year. Although there are many rules to tag rugby the basic principles are simple, if you have the ball run through the gaps and score a try, if they have the ball, grab the tags and force them back into their own half.

Group stages

Gt Doddington v Croyland Won 3-0

Gt Doddington v Stanwick Won 5-1

Gt Doddington v Irthlingborough drew 2-2

Great Doddington v Park Junior Won 5-2


This impressive set of results finished us top of our group and put is in the play off matches to decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd out of the whole tournament (16 schools had entered).


First up Ruskin, who looked impressive, and had a team of tall fast players. However we defended like gladiators, and made the most of our attacking play, finding pathways through their defensive line. With quick accurate passes and fast feet we comfortably beat them 3-1.

Into the final against our big rivals - Great Addington.

A very frustrating game for the players, with inconsistency of rules being applied (for both teams). However Great Addington came away victorious in a very close fought match. It meant we finished with our heads down and a little disappointed with the results. However, runners up in the district is a massive achievement.  I am so proud of how we played. Everyone played as a team, running, passing, tagging, catching, throwing. Every single child tried their hardest and really listened to what they had to do. We have come so far since the first tag rugby tournament we entered where we didn't win a single match.

Star of the Day - Oliver, but I really could have given this to every single player of the team.

Very proud teacher indeed!

Thanks to the parent who helped with the driving and the supporting. Loud and proud on the sidelines as always. I couldn't do it without you.

If you are interested in playing tag rugby, or contact rugby Wellingborough rugby club has a thriving junior section. For more information please visit www.wrfc.net

J Chapman


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ESFA Wellingborough & District Girls’ Football Tournament 2016

Great Doddington squad: Evie S (captain), Freya (g.k.), Emily, Ash, Lauren, Carys, Stefanie, Olivia.

Great Doddington matches;

Group 1

Great Doddington 1 (Emily) v 0 Our Ladies

Great Doddington 3 (Emily 3) v 0 All Saints

Great Doddington 1 (Emily) v 0 Windmill


Great Doddington 1 (Emily) v 0 Park Junior


Great Doddington 2 (Carys, Lauren) v 2 Oakway


Great Doddington went to the district tournament with high hopes as defending champions, and like last year won our group with a 100% record and no goals conceded, although Freya was needed to make some vital saves in the two close 1-0 games. Emily had her shooting boots on this year, her 6 goals overall making her the leading scorer in the whole competition, but she was supported with vital assists from Evie and Ash. Once again it was teamwork and organisation that took us so far – these girls listen to instructions and follow them. Olivia, playing her first ever football tournament, came back superbly from a nervous first match, an Lauren played everywhere, defence, midfield and attack, sometimes in the same match.

The semi-final was a tense match, very close from start to finish, and it took a superb goal to win it, followed by some determined defending from Carys & Lauren to hang on to a vital 1-0 win.

The final was a fantastic game of football. We went behind early, but then dominated most of the game and Carys equalised around the half way point. Oakway then scored a second on a breakaway, and with Emily being closely marked by a very accomplished defender, we looked like we’d be finishing as runners-up this year until a free kick was awarded right on the final whistle for a foul on the edge of the box. There was only time for one last kick, for the free kick to be taken, and Lauren curled it around the wall with pace and placement right into the top corner to wild celebrations from the Doddington parents and players. Extra time and golden goal time couldn’t separate two closely matched teams, so the final looked to be going into penalties … until the organisers realised they’d run out of time, and it was agreed to share the title and the trophy, so Oakway and Great Doddington girls were joint winners, and both teams go on to represent Wellingborough in the County Finals in Corby in January.

Coach Gunn’s pick for player of the tournament: Lauren (played in every single position apart from goalkeeper, and worked tirelessly for the team wherever she was asked to play).


Pacesetters Games - Yr 2 Football November 2016 

What an absolute pleasure it was to take 7 children to attend the first of many Pacesetter Tournaments. The children were a real credit to the school, impeccably behaved, played with enthusiasm, skill, determination, and listened to the tactics from Coach Chapman.

As the tournament was indoor the children had to get used to playing the ball off the wall, which caught us out in the first match when we lost 1-0 to eventual tournament winners Raunds.

Tactics and positions were quickly implemented and the children were like a different team in their 2nd match beating Blisworth 4-0 with a cracking hat-trick from Cyrus and a great goal from George. Connor was really unlucky not to get a couple of goals. He had great positional awareness and was unlucky that the surface meant the ball moved very quickly. Heidi did a great job in goal, maintaining her concentration and being ready to catch the ball if it came her way.

Our 3rd match turned out to be the crunch match, again the children stuck to their position brilliantly, and even after going 1-0 down they continued to play beautiful football. A shocking tackle on Cyrus by the opposition led to a penalty and Cyrus showed nerves of steel to slot it into the bottom corner. With 3 seconds to go Crick managed to penetrate our defence and slot the ball between the posts to win 2-1.

Noah really turned on the skills in the 4th match, scoring 5 of the 6 goals. He had looked a little hesitant on the ball at the start of the tournament, but by the end he was taking on players like a pro! Joe, who battled tirelessly throughout every game also managed to get a goal, which was very well deserved.

The last match of the tournament saw a master class in finishing from Cyrus, who scored a hat-trick in the first 2 minutes. George made some super runs up the middle of the pitch and scored a great goal into the top corner. Jaycee made some super dribbles with the ball and was really unlucky not to score right at the end of the match.


We finished 3rd overall, missing out on a place in the final by 1 point (that pesky last second goal by  Crick!). However, I am really proud of everyone for how they played.

Thank you to the parents who helped with transport and came along to support. We were loud and proud cheering them on from the side line.

J Chapman



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Picture 1
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ESFA Small Schools District Football Tournament 2016


Great Doddington A squad: Owen H (captain), William P (g.k.), Jake A, Riley E, James P, Joe F, Finn J, Jack G, Oliver S.


Great Doddington A matches;

Great Doddington A 4 (Finn, Joe, James, Owen) v 0 Great Addington B

Great Doddington A 0 v 2 Grendon

Great Doddington A 0 v 0 Great Addington A

Great Doddington A 8 (Owen, Finn 3, Joe 3, James) v 0 Great Doddington B

Great Doddington A 3 (Joe, Owen 2) v 0 Woodford


Great Doddington B squad: Archie B (C), Charlie (g.k), Rylee, Joseph, Archie L, Kieran, Lauren, William, Baydon


Great Doddington B matches;

Great Doddington B 0 v 1 Grendon ( A fantastic result against the eventual tournament winners)

Great Doddington B 0 v 6 Gt Addington A

Great Doddington B 0 v 3Woodford

Great Doddington B 0 v 8 Great Doddington A

Great Doddington B 1 (William) v 0 Great Addington B


Great Doddington A went to the district tournament with high hopes as defending champions, and got off to a flying start, but didn’t quite fire on all cylinders this year. The finishing was off target when it really mattered in the close games, and while we were the highest scorers in the tournament, those 2 goalless games cost us a place in this year’s county finals by just one point. Game 4 against our B team showed what a big difference a year makes at this age, with our all year 6 A team beating our all year 5 B team 8-0.


Coach Gunn’s pick for player of the tournament: Riley (for showing everyone else how to tackle) / Joe (great finishing, and so many runs into good scoring positions from midfield that weren’t spotted by his team-mates)


Great Doddington B went to the tournament for experience, the team was made up of all year 5 children, playing against experienced (and some very tall and physical) year 6. All the children gave it their all through every match and defended like troopers. A little bit more work on positional play and more time spent playing together would really help this team. I was delighted that they won their last match, with a great goal from William, and some excellent saves from Charlie to keep a clean sheet.


Coach Chapman’s pick for player of the tournament: Archie B: (A rock in defence, his work rate was fantastic) / Charlie (A goal keeping ninja! Really kept the score down in all of the games)


Great Doddington A finished 3rd overall. Great Doddington B finished 5th.


Thank you to all parents that helped with transport and came to cheer the children on. Your support is greatly appreciated.


J Chapman and D Gunn




Sports Day July 2016

A fantastic day of sport took place on Thursday when all the children in the school took part in the annual sports day. The morning saw the children split into their teams, competing to earn valuable points for their total. Children took part in a variety of activities including football shoot, beanbag in the hoop, quoit walk and shuttle relay. Children also picked up points for showing the school games values of determination, passion, team work, self-belief and honesty. Heats for the relays took place at the end of the morning when all the children have a chance to be picked for the team. It is great to see reception children racing against year 6, with all the children trying their hardest to win for their team. Lions came out as the eventual round robin winners.

The afternoon saw the traditional races. Fantastic efforts from all the children and I was delighted that all the children were happy on the start line and performed brilliantly as they ran, skipped, jumped and balanced down the track.  There seemed to be some very close finishes as the children remembered to run through the line.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make sports day run so smoothly, especially Mrs Homer who organises everything for me. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and friends that came to support the children and to FOGDS who provided all the children with an ice lolly at the end of the day.

Mrs Jo Chapman

Sports Day 2016

Sports Day 2016 1
Sports Day 2016 2
Sports Day 2016 3
Sports Day 2016 4
Sports Day 2016 5
Sports Day 2016 6
Sports Day 2016 7
Sports Day 2016 8
Sports Day 2016 9
Sports Day 2016 10
Sports Day 2016 11
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Sports Day 2016 46
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Sports Day 2016 150
Sports Day 2016 151
Sports Day 2016 152

Summer County Games July 2016 - Basketball

8 children, who won the  district basketball tournament back in February, took part in the annual summer county games, competing for the title of County champions. 1600 children from across the county descended on Moulton College to take part in a fantastic celebration of sport. The day kicked off with an opening ceremony and we were delighted to find out that our school had been chosen to be the flag bearer for Wellingborough and East Northants. Oliver Scola, proudly donned the flag backpack and led 300 participants from our district in to the arena. We had been chosen due to our commitment and enthusiasm for school PE and sport. A very proud moment indeed.

Grant Turner, London 2012 team GB Olympic swimmer opened the games with an inspiring speech about failure! How important it is to learn from mistakes and the drive needed to keep going.

As the heavens opened, threatening to ruin the high spirits, we made our way to our indoor venue. We had 4 group matches, and then a placings match.

The boys got us off to a great start in the first game. End to end passing, and dribbling and a real fight for the ball especially from Jack and Oliver  put us in the lead at half time as the girls took to the court. Some great shots from Emily and Evie S and we won the first game 16-6. What a fantastic start.

The second match was very close. We just didn’t seem to have the luck with our shooting, where Isham took every opportunity. Riley battled hard on the court and made some great defensive moves. Evie C had a great effort, with the ball circling the rim of the hoop before dropping away from the net. We lost by 1 basket.

A little disappointed we started our 3rd match. Joe really stepped up in this game and made some driving dribbles through the centre of the court. Oliver found his form with his shooting and gained in confidence as the match went on. Ashleigh really came into her own in this match. I have never seen her battle so hard, determined to go for every ball and mark her opponents off the court. She showed real passion and I was very proud of her. We won this match

Our last pool match pitched us against a very experienced Northampton team. (you can always tell they are going to be good when they are all wearing proper basketball kit!!). Although the children battled hard throughout the match, we were outplayed on the court and lost our final pool match.

Unsure of how the other results had gone we waited for the placing matches to be announced. We finished 3rd in our pool which was a great result and the children were rightly proud of this.

Having battled so hard all day, we just seemed to run out of steam during our last match, and although the children tried hard, it was not meant to be and we lost our last match to finish 6th place . However, 6th in the whole county is a fantastic achievement. Congratulations to Oakway school, the eventual tournament winners.

The children then got to have a go at boxing and rock climbing. Dressed appropriately with boxing gloves and harnesses (not at the same time) they took on the challenge of the ring and the wall.

Thank you to Mr Scola and Mrs Chisholm for help with transport and support for our children. I hope you were as proud of them as I was.                   J Chapman


Change 4 Life Festival July 2016

20 children took part in a fun packed day of activities at the Change 4 life festival held at Old Grammarians sports ground. The day started with a very energetic Zumba warm-up which really got heartbeats racing as the children (and adults!) shimmied, sashayed and stepped to the beat.

Our first session was a workshop on healthy eating and the children wowed with their knowledge of exotic fruits.

We then took part in a kwik cricket session which saw the children split into 3 teams and try their hand at batting, bowling and throwing. The session ended with a kwik cricket match where the children put their newly learnt skills to practice. Fantastic batting and fielding from both sides meant the match ended as a draw.

After lunch the children tried their hand at golf. With expert tuition from the professional golfer at Wellingborough golf club the children were soon chipping, putting and driving the ball like Rory McIlroy!

Our last session, and possibly the favourite,  was marital arts. Our fantastic coach asked the children to put on boxing gloves and then showed them a sequence of punches. They very quickly  learnt it  and then tried their luck punching against me with pads. Left hook, right hook, left jab, right jab, left upper cut, right upper cut. The coach was amazed at how quickly our children got the hang of it.

The day ended with a presentation of certificates and goody bags.

Thank you to all the parent helpers that supported us on this trip and enabled the children to have a  fantastic day. 

Change 4 Life Video

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Change 4 Life Festival July 2016

Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 1
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 2
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 3
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 4
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 5
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 6
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 7
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 8
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 9
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 10
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 11
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 12
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 13
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 14
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 15
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 16
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 17
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 18
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 19
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 20
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 21
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 22
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 23
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 24
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 25
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 26
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 27
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 28
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 29
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 30
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 31
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 32
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 33
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 34
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 35
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 36
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 37
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 38
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 39
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 40
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 41
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 42
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 43
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 44
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 45
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 46
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 47
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 48
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 49
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 50
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 51
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 52
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 53
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 54
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 55
Change 4 Life Festival July 2016 56

Warwick Yr 6 boys Football Tournament June 2016

Well done to the year  6 boys who took part on a football tournament at Warwick School. Played 4 drew 1, lost 3. But the results do not reflect how close the matches were.

Well done to all the boys for keeping going , especially when  things got tough.

Warwick football tournament

Warwick football tournament 1
Warwick football tournament 2
Warwick football tournament 3
Warwick football tournament 4
Warwick football tournament 5
Warwick football tournament 6

Tri - Golf Year 3 June 2016

3rd time lucky as our intrepid band of golfers finally  participated in their tournament. Sunshine dances had obviously worked their magic as despite it throwing it down everywhere else, the golfers managed to stay dry and had great fun learning to chip, drive, and putt the golf ball. The children took part in 8 different activities ranging from chipping a ball to land over a cone, to driving the ball as far as they could, each activity racking up points for the team. As well as skill, children were also given points for sportsmanship.


Special mention to Dougie who gained maximum points for honesty, when he said his ball hadn't hit the cone as had been thought. Fantastic Dougie.  Callum  was the king of the chip and scored lots of points for the team with his precision. Well done to all the children for having a go at something new. We finished 5th place, which is a fantastic result.

Thank you to Mrs Parsons and Mrs Denton who accompanied the children. They were really proud of you and said that your behaviour was exemplary.


J Chapman


Tri Golf June 2016 year 3

Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 1
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 2
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 3
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 4
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 5
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 6
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 7
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 8
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 9
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 10
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 11
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 12
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 13
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 14
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 15
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 16
Tri Golf June 2016 year 3 17

Year 5/6 Girls’ County Cricket Finals, Weds 15/6/2016


We took a team of 8 girls to the County cricket finals last week, having qualified to represent Wellingborough and East Northants through the district qualifiers the previous weeks. The storm clouds separated over the County Ground, and all the torrential rain somehow missed us.  Our team was: Anisha (captain), Jodie, Stephanie, Olivia, Analiese, Freya, Evie S & Isabella.

There were 8 teams taking part, from all the regional qualifiers around the county. Our results were:


Game 1:  GDPS 244, Welford 200

A very positive start, with some powerful boundary hitting from Stephanie at the start and Anisha at the finish. We were cautious and only lost 2 wickets in the whole match, but when bowing we took 6 wickets, stopping the Welford score from ever going beyond the starting 200.


Game 2: Standens Barn 242, GDPS 229

Our second game put us up against the eventual tournament winners, who went unbeaten through the whole day, but we pushed them closer than anyone. Freya took a fantastic catch on the boundary from the first ball of the match, but some big hitting saw Standens Barn post a challenging total. We kept up with the rate, especially after Olivia’s top-scoring effort, but 2 wickets in over 6 when trying to accelerate left Evie and Anisha (who scored 14 from 12 balls) just a bit too much to do at the end.


Game 3: Oundle 253, GDPS 245

Another close game, thanks to Anisha taking 2 wickets in the last over when bowling. We again kept up with the required run rate, Jodie and Stephanie scoring particularly well, but Evie was unable to repeat her heroics of the previous week (needing 2 sixes from the last 2 balls) & we fell just short.


Game 4: GDPS 228, Weston Favell 234

Dropped catches made the difference in yet another close game, the 5th/6th place decider. We lost 5 wickets when batting, more than we’d lost in all the other games (although Analiese scored 11 from 9 balls, and Stephanie 18 from 10 balls), and then dropped or missed 5 run-out chances when fielding, meaning we lost to a team we should have beaten.































It shows how far we have come in the last couple of years that the girls were so disappointed with a 6th place finish. I’m hugely proud of them, for a school our size to have the 6th best cricket team in the whole county is wonderful. The girls won t-shirts for being district qualifiers, and then Northants Cricket shirts for finishing in the top 8, and will be attending a Northamptonshire first class game next month as guests of NCCC. Special thanks to Mrs Tyler, my assistant manager, and all the parents / grandparents who came to cheer them along and make it such a special day for them all.


Mr Gunn

Quadkids Athletics June 2016

10 year 6 children took part in the district athletics event on a thundery afternoon at Weavers Academy. All children competed in all 4 events. 75m sprint, 600m run, vortex howler throw and standing long jump.

The girls completed the 600m run first and the muggy conditions made running hard work. However all the girls made it round the course and finished the race in good times. The boys started on the vortex throw and racked up fantastic points for our team with 3 of the 5 boys throwing in the top 10 of all competitors.  Fantastic.

Boys then took on the challenge of the 600m and again, found the distance challenging, but managed to all come home within a time to score us points. The girls continued the great work started by the boys when they threw the howler and again, 3 out of the 5 have throws in the top 10 of girl throwers.  It must be all the practice they have at play times, throwing the tennis balls to (at!) each other!)

The girls then competed in the 75m sprint and despite the somewhat bumpy track, all put in good performances, whilst the boys launched themselves into the sandpit in the standing long jump (see website for some fantastic action shots).

The afternoon finished with the girls putting in some strong jumps in to the pit, and the boys thundering (quite literally) down the track in the 75m sprint.

The children all performed well, despite some tough opposition. They needed to be real all rounders to take part in running throwing and jumping. An analysis of the scores showed that we were the top performing school for the throwing which the children should be very proud of. Overall we finished 6th in the district. Well done to everyone that took part. Analiese, Anisha, Lilly, Steph, Jodie, Hayden, Lewis, Ben, Jack W, Brandon.

Thank you to Mrs Wagstaff  for your help with transport and for supervising the children throughout the afternoon. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Quadkids Athletics June 2016

Quadkids Athletics June 2016 1
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 2
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 3
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 4
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 5
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 6
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 7
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 8
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 9
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 10
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 11
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 12
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 13
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 14
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 15
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 16
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 17
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 18
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 19
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 20
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 21
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 22
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 23
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 24
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 25
Quadkids Athletics June 2016 26

Year 5/6 Girls’ District Cricket tournament, Thurs 9/6/2016


We took a team of 8 girls to the Wellingborough & District cricket tournament at Wellingborough OGs CC yesterday, on another glorious, sunny day – perfect weather for cricket, aiming to defend the district title we won last year.

Our team was: Anisha (captain), Stephanie, Jodie, Analiese, Isabella, Olivia, Freya & Evie S.

The top two teams would progress to the county finals next week. Our results were:


Game 1:  GDPS 291, Warwick 209

Some big 6-hitting from Olivia and Isabella gave us a fast start, then Jodie hit 4 consecutive boundaries at the end for an imposing total. Warwick kept losing wickets and never got close, especially with Freya and Anisha not conceding a single run from the last 2 overs.


Game 2: GDPS 239, Freemans 266

Against some very impressive bowling, Stephanie and Anisha were the only batters to reach the boundary, but the rest battled well to reach a reasonable total. All the damage in the reply was done in the first 2 overs, but we were still in the game at the end, needing lots of wickets in the last two overs. When Anisha took 2 wickets in her first 3 balls (one a fantastic catch on the boundary by Stephanie) an unlikely victory looked possible, but Freemans managed to get over the line safely.


Game 3: GDPS 275, South End Junior 201

South End had looked impressive in their last game, and we were expecting a tough match. However, our batting was dominant right from the start. Every batter scored (18 from 10 balls for Isabella), and we didn’t lose a single wicket in the innings, giving us a hugely impressive score of 275. Three wickets in the first 3 overs stopped the reply before it got going, and with Evie and Stephanie not conceding a single run the margin of victory was huge – our best performance so far against strong opposition.


Game 4: Oakway 225, GDPS 232

The way other results had gone, we knew the winner of this last game would qualify for the county finals in 2nd place, making it tense for both sides. Anisha finally won a toss, allowing us to chase a total for the first time. Oakway scored steadily throughout, but a good total was reined in by two vital wickets in the last over for Anisha (yet another fantastic catch by Stephanie). Our reply was slow, with boundaries difficult to find and a few wickets falling. We were just below the required rate right until the last over, when Evie (who hadn’t faced much bowling in the previous matches) hit a fantastic 6 that put us ahead for the first time in the match with only 4 balls to go. They were safely negotiated, and we’d managed the narrowest of victories, earning our girls their second consecutive appearance in the county finals at the County Ground next week.



Total runs scored

Total wickets






















Evie S.




County Finals for girls under 11 Kwik Cricket

The County Ground, Abington Avenue, Northampton.

1:00pm – 4:00pm, Weds 15 June.

Spectators welcome, admission is free.


Mr Gunn

Archery Year 4 June 2016

A nervous team of year 4 children took part in a year 4/5 archery tournament at Old Grammarians sports ground on Thursday afternoon. Many of the team had only had a taster session in archery before and were slightly perturbed when one school turned up with their own archery kit and arm protectors ! (Funnily enough, they were the eventual tournament winners!)

We had a long practice at the clout shoot, firing arrows high in to the air, and trying to get them to land upright on to a target. In practice the children did well, William and Charlie scoring 50 between them. Unfortunately we couldn’t manage the same success during the event and only managed to score 20 as a whole team.

However heads were still high and we moved on to the traditional target. Joseph really stepped up in this event and scored with nearly every arrow. After a few technique issues William also began to find his aim and scored valuable points for the team.Katie proved to be a natural with a bow and hit the black and blue rings.

Our final event was the jigsaw. Amelia C and Amelia W both had success in this event and scored well.

Whilst waiting for the results to be totalled, Mrs H Davis and I had a turn. It’s a lot harder than it looks and I’m just pleased that our scores didn’t count towards the final total as neither of us managed to hit any thing!  We finished 6th overall, which is a result that we are very proud of.


Archery yr 4 June 2016

Archery yr 4 June 2016 1
Archery yr 4 June 2016 2
Archery yr 4 June 2016 3
Archery yr 4 June 2016 4
Archery yr 4 June 2016 5
Archery yr 4 June 2016 6
Archery yr 4 June 2016 7
Archery yr 4 June 2016 8
Archery yr 4 June 2016 9
Archery yr 4 June 2016 10
Archery yr 4 June 2016 11
Archery yr 4 June 2016 12

Inclusive Archery Yr 3-6 June 2016

A glorious afternoon at Old Grammarians sports ground, saw our team of 6 archers test their aim on the jigsaw, traditional and clout targets.

What we were lacking in experience we certainly made up for in enthusiasm and this team had bags of it. The children listened very carefully to the instructions, archery being a very precise sport, requiring technique and aim, and we attempted the traditional bullseye target first.

Baydon proved to be very consistent with a bow, hitting the blue and black rings many times. Kieran also showed great aim as he scored points for our team. Sam got off to an excellent start, and it was great to hear him cheering with every success.

Our next round was the jigsaw target. Miah took aim and scored with 2 consecutive arrows. Fantastic Miah. Evan had great aim, and nearly scored with many of his arrows.

Last event was the clout. Sophie was an archery genius at this! She scored 50 points for her team, more than anyone else in the tournament! Amazing Sophie (or Robin Hood as I am now going to call you!)

We finished up Runners up. Amazing! I was so proud of this group of children, they were impeccably behaved and a real credit to the school. Thank you so much to all the adults that came and supported us. I couldn’t have done it without you.

J Chapman

Inclusive Archery June 2016

Inclusive Archery June 2016 1
Inclusive Archery June 2016 2
Inclusive Archery June 2016 3
Inclusive Archery June 2016 4
Inclusive Archery June 2016 5
Inclusive Archery June 2016 6
Inclusive Archery June 2016 7
Inclusive Archery June 2016 8
Inclusive Archery June 2016 9
Inclusive Archery June 2016 10
Inclusive Archery June 2016 11
Inclusive Archery June 2016 12
Inclusive Archery June 2016 13
Inclusive Archery June 2016 14

Warwick School Football Tournament. May 2016

Well done to the year 5 boys who took part in  the invitational football tournament. The children were up against some strong opposition, and I know they were disappointed with their 4th place finish. However they were up against teams of tall year 6 boys, and apart from the match against Freemans, all the games were very close and the boys played well together.

Player of the tournament. Robert. Remaining focused throughout all the games and slotting very well in to a team where a lot of the boys play regularly together. Fantastic Robert.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Wellingborough & District Cricket tournament, Weds 25/5/2016


We took a team of 8 boys to the Wellingborough & District cricket tournament at Wollaston CC. There were 15 teams taking part this year, double the usual number of entries, and we performed well in every game, although I wish I could find a way past the slow start that prevented progress again. We played 4 games altogether, narrowly losing the first (which left us runners-up in our group, when only the winners went through to the semi-finals) but then winning by comfortable margins in all the other three.


Group game 1: Great Doddington 201, Earls Barton 223

Group game 2: Oakway  196, Great Doddington 290

Group game 3: Ringstead 243, Great Doddington 267

5th / 6th place play-off: Croyland  224, Great Doddington 262



Our stats show a real team effort too, a side full of all-rounders. They don’t reflect the improvement these boys have made – most of them have not played cricket before a few PE lessons last September. Owen’s improvement as a bowler stood out. Ben’s big hitting came off in most games (26 from one over against Oakway), and all of them fielded well, with especially good technique shown by the ground fielding of Lewis and a couple of spectacular catches from Owen and Oliver, plus a direct hit on the stumps from the outfield by James. Hayden captained the side with increasing confidence, and was our only batter not to lose his wicket all day, while James unselfishly sacrificed personal scoring for defensive security to shore up two victories at the end.



Total runs scored

Total wickets taken

(bowling and fielding)




Jack G.



Oliver S.






Ben G.













Mr Gunn

Mini Tennis Yr 4 May 2016

8 children took part in the district tennis tournament at the purpose built Kings Park Tennis Centre on Thursday afternoon. Our prompt arrival meant we had plenty of time to warm up before the matches started. The improvement they made over the half an hour warm up was incredible! All of the children were confidently hitting the ball over the net, playing rallies and working hard to get their serves in.

Our first round of matches pitched the A team of Lauren ,Stefanie, Max and Rylee against the eventual tournament winners Denton.  Max had a very close first match and it was fabulous watching the rallies that took place, with both players very agile around the caught, displaying a range of shots. Despite great efforts from all the children we lost every match and the children left the court feeling disappointed.

The B team, Archie L, Archie B, Katy and Phoebe,  started their competition against the tournament runners Up, Park Junior School and had the same struggles as the A team. Not a happy bunch of players after the first round and confidence was low.

 However, after a quick pep talk the children all strode back on to their courts to face their next matches and it was apparent straight away that they had upped their game. Serves were going in, back hands were going over the net and point were being won

Lauren was still without a win after her 2nd match and had a little wobble going into her 3rd match. However, with encouragement from her team mates she put in a great performance and you could see her grow in confidence with each stroke she played. Lauren won her last 2 matches – great effort Lauren. It just shows what you can do if you keep trying.

Stefanie really persevered with her serve, which she found very hard at the start of the tournament. By her last match she was consistently getting her serve in and winning matches against some tough opposition. Well done Stefanie.

I was so impressed with Rylee for his listening skills. He was determined to whack the ball as hard as he could when he first started but by listening to the coaching he realised that he could play the ball where he wanted to and keep the ball in the court. Fantastic Rylee.

Archie L had  a big smile on his face throughout the whole tournament and got better and better with each game. I was really pleased to see his great sportsmanship, shaking hands after each match, without me having to remind him. Well played Archie.

Phoebe also struggled with her serve to start with. She listened carefully to the coaching advice about turning her body and was then able to get most of her serves in. Well done Phoebe. It was great to see you trying your hardest throughout the whole tournament.

Katy had great energy through every match, even when her opponents were making her run from one side of the court to the other. I was amazed at how much her back hand improved and I watched 1 rally that consisted of 16 shots, 6 of which were on Katy’s backhand!

Archie B improved with each match and was so pleased to win his last 2 matches. He was keen to get better and spent every moment when he didn’t have a match practicing his skills. Well done Archie.

. It was a real delight to see the children come back over after their matches with massive smiles on their faces and cries of “I won!” .It gave them so much confidence as I think many of them thought they would not be able to win any matches.

The children were absolutely brilliantly behaved – a real credit to the school.

My thanks to Mrs H Davis and Mr Pickering for help with the transport and supervision of the children whilst we were there. I really couldn’t do it without you.

We finished 3rd and 4th which is a result that the children should be very proud of.

J Chapman


Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016

Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 1
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 2
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 3
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 4
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 5
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 6
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 7
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 8
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 9
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 10
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 11
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 12
Mini Tennis - Yr 4May 2016 13

Swimming Gala – April 2016

11 year 5 children took part in the swimming gala at Waendal centre on Thursday morning. It was an event we had not entered before and nerves were running high as both I and the children were unsure what to expect. First challenge was to pass the water competency test by swimming a length of the pool. Great start, everybody impressed the life guards with their swimming prowess and we were all cleared to enter the gala.

Children took part in individual races and relays.

First in was William who powered down the pool with an impressive front crawl. Great start for Team Doddington. Megan was a bag of nerves, but kept her composure once she entered the water and stormed to a second place finish in her heat. Ewan found himself in a tricky breaststroke heat but I was so pleased with his perseverance and he kept going, even though he later admitted it wasn’t his strongest stroke.

Evie C also put in a strong breast stroke race to bag more points for the team. Great swimming Evie. Finn, who was worried about his race, proved to himself that he is a good back stroke swimmer, and finished in second place in his heat. Well done Finn.

Evie S looked great in the backstroke and clocked up another second place in her heat.

Olivia, who had been brave enough to volunteer for a lengths butterfly, which many adults, including myself would not be able to manage, put a fantastic performance and her training in the week really paid off as she powered down the pool to finish in second place.

With all children performing really well in their heats it was now time for the relays.

Emily led off the medley with a strong backstroke length, followed by Ash with an impressive breaststroke length, to see Oliver and then James fly down the pool each with lengths of Front crawl. Fantastic swimming from all 4 children gave us a 4th place finish.

The Free style relay saw Megan putting in another strong length, with Ewan really showing what he could do in the water as he powerered down with a great front crawl stroke. Ashleigh, having only just finished her first relay, put in another great length of front crawl and William brought the team home for a 5th place finish.

The final race of the day was the cannon relay - a free style relay race with 8 swimmers instead of 4. James, Oliver, Emily, Evie S, Finn, Evie C, William and Oliva did a great job swimming their length, but unfortunately due to an error at one of the hand overs, meant we were disqualified from this race.

The results were announced and we finished 9th out of 11 teams. A great effort for our first attempt at the swimming gala. The children really rose to the occasion and performed really well in spite of their nerves. I was very proud of all of them.

Thank you to the parents that helped with transport and came to cheer us on. We definitely won the best cheering award, and it was great to see our children (and parents) encourage each other to the end.

If you would like further information regarding swimming competitively please visit Wellingborough Amatuer Swimming Club at http://www.wasc.info/page/home/

J Chapman

Swimming Gala - April 2016

Swimming Gala - April 2016 1
Swimming Gala - April 2016 2
Swimming Gala - April 2016 3
Swimming Gala - April 2016 4
Swimming Gala - April 2016 5
Swimming Gala - April 2016 6
Swimming Gala - April 2016 7
Swimming Gala - April 2016 8
Swimming Gala - April 2016 9
Swimming Gala - April 2016 10
Swimming Gala - April 2016 11
Swimming Gala - April 2016 12
Swimming Gala - April 2016 13
Swimming Gala - April 2016 14
Swimming Gala - April 2016 15
Swimming Gala - April 2016 16
Swimming Gala - April 2016 17
Swimming Gala - April 2016 18
Swimming Gala - April 2016 19
Swimming Gala - April 2016 20
Swimming Gala - April 2016 21
Swimming Gala - April 2016 22
Swimming Gala - April 2016 23
Swimming Gala - April 2016 24
Swimming Gala - April 2016 25
Swimming Gala - April 2016 26

Grand Opening Ceremony - Press Release from Northamptonshire Sport

Pupils shared some brilliant sporting memories from the last two years at Great Doddington including the recent Primary Cross Country Championships held at Croyland Park, success in Primary Quicksticks Hockey, participation in the School Games KS1 Multi-skills Competition and London Triathlon at the Olympic Park last summer.


The celebration included videos of dance, gymnastics and a wide range of inclusive PE lessons at Great Doddington, leading to a huge range of School Sport and School Games Competitions all year round.

Last year, Great Doddington were Runners Up in the Primary Sport School of the Year category at the 2015 Northamptonshire Sport Awards and received the School Games Mark Silver award.


Julie Rogers, Paralympian gave a short talk about her experiences and dreams of competing at her second Paralympics in her new sport of athletics this summer.

Julie, now studying for her ‘A’ levels was taught in reception by Jo Chapman, Lead for the Project and PE Teacher at Great Doddington.

Jo remembered  Julie’s determination at the age of 5, and years later saw her on CBBC before closely following her journey to compete at London 2012 aged only 13 in Sitting Volleyball for the GB team.


Julie Rogers and the Mayor of Wellingborough completed the official opening of the Primary Spaces Play Area, with the whole School taking part in photographs.


Grand Opening Ceremnony

Grand Opening Ceremnony 1
Grand Opening Ceremnony 2
Grand Opening Ceremnony 3
Grand Opening Ceremnony 4
Grand Opening Ceremnony 5
Grand Opening Ceremnony 6
Grand Opening Ceremnony 7
Grand Opening Ceremnony 8
Grand Opening Ceremnony 9
Grand Opening Ceremnony 10
Grand Opening Ceremnony 11
Grand Opening Ceremnony 12
Grand Opening Ceremnony 13
Grand Opening Ceremnony 14
Grand Opening Ceremnony 15
Grand Opening Ceremnony 16
Grand Opening Ceremnony 17
Grand Opening Ceremnony 18
Grand Opening Ceremnony 19
Grand Opening Ceremnony 20
Grand Opening Ceremnony 21
Grand Opening Ceremnony 22
Grand Opening Ceremnony 23
Grand Opening Ceremnony 24
Grand Opening Ceremnony 25
Grand Opening Ceremnony 26
Grand Opening Ceremnony 27
Grand Opening Ceremnony 28
Grand Opening Ceremnony 29
Grand Opening Ceremnony 30
Grand Opening Ceremnony 31

Year 6 Netball Tournament Match Report 23 March 2016

Our squad of 6 arrived at Sir Christopher Hatton School full of energy and enthusiasm for the netball tournament that lay ahead, and included:

* Lilly

* Stephanie

* Analiese

* Anisha

* Hayden

* Ben

Game 1 - Great Doddington Vs Freemans 

Following a good warm up, our first game was against the well-trained Freemans netball team. Anisha took a quick centre, which quickly got us in the game, but Freeman’s defenders seemed unbreakable and we couldn’t get the passes to our shooters Stephanie and Hayden. Meanwhile, our defenders Analiese and Ben stopped goal after goal and held the score 2 – 0 down by the half way mark. Finding their stride, the attacking partnership of Hayden and Stephanie started to perform and Hayden scored us a goal back to make it 2 -1 to Freemans. A final push for a goal meant that Freeman’s scored two more goals for an end result of 4 -1 to Freemans.

Player of the match: Stephanie for her great attacking play in the centre and goal third.

Game 2 - Great Doddington Vs Victoria

With Lilly subbed in and the team all having changed positions, we took our places for Victoria. From Analiese taking the centre we seemed to own this game with all players holding their positions and marking very tightly. Our defenders Stephanie and Hayden (the attacking partnership had now moved to defence!) kept the Victoria shooters out of the circle whilst Analiese continued to feed the ball to our shooters Anisha and Lilly. We had so many shots that just missed, but well done to Anisha for bagging two goals, which saw us win this match 2 – 0.

Player of the match: Analiese for playing a true Centre role, she appeared all over the court! 

Game 3 - Great Doddington Vs Woodford

For our final game, our team set out to give this game their all! From Stephanie’s first centre pass to Ben we constantly attacked, feeding the ball to our shooters Analiese and Ben, backed up by Lilly and Hayden. Majority of this game was definitely in our goal third with both shooters scoring – Ben got 2 and Analiese 1.  Defenders and centre continued to hold off the Woodford attackers to keep the final score at a win for us 3 – 0.

Player of the match: Hayden for his jumping and volleying, doing anything he could to keep the ball out of their circle!


We came second out of the four teams in our pool, which sadly means we don’t go through to the final, but a sterling performance none the less. The improvement from game 1 to game 3 was incredible by all players, from footwork and passing the ball to showing great teamwork. They were a pleasure to take to the event.

Thank you so much to Mrs Denton and Mrs Chisholm for taking the netballers to this tournament, coaching them through the event, making crucial tactical decisions regarding positions, and even writing this match report for me (Thanks Nicky). I couldn’t do it without you.

If you are interested in playing netball, the local team is JM netball. For more information please visit their website at http://www.northantsjms.co.uk/




Netball Tournament - March 2016

Netball Tournament - March 2016 1
Netball Tournament - March 2016 2
Netball Tournament - March 2016 3
Netball Tournament - March 2016 4
Netball Tournament - March 2016 5
Netball Tournament - March 2016 6
Netball Tournament - March 2016 7
Netball Tournament - March 2016 8
Netball Tournament - March 2016 9
Netball Tournament - March 2016 10
Netball Tournament - March 2016 11

District Cross Country Championships March 2016

Croyland Park echoed with the  thundering sound of feet, as over 1000 children stampeded across the ground at the annual Wellingborough and East Northants district cross country championships. Every child in KS2 took part in the event, we had the biggest team from all the schools entered. Not bad going for one of the smaller schools in the district!

The sun shone as the  children took their places on the start line, excited by the challenge that lay ahead. Running distances between 600m and 1500m depending upon year group, it was time for the children to put into practice what they had learnt during their PE lessons.

Considering that a few children had been apprehensive about going to the event, nerves seemed to disappear on the start line as every child from our school rose to the challenge. All of the children tried their hardest, whether they were aiming to finish in the top 3, run all the way around without stopping , or just get to the finish line Thank you to the staff that agreed to run with children who needed extra support and encouragement. It was great to see staff working so hard  to make sure that every child could take part.

It was fantastic to see how the children supported each other throughout their own race, and also cheering each other on from the sides of the course.

First finishers home from our school were:

Year 3 girls – Tayla Mae

Year 3 boys – Matthew

Year 4 girls – Katy M

Year 4 boys – Archie B

Year 5 girls – Emily

Year 5 Boy – Finn

Year 6 Girls- Jodie

Year 6 Boys - Hayden

 Matthew won the Year 3 boys race and Emily came 2nd in the Year 5 girls race.

I was so proud of every single child who took part. They behaved well and all were a credit to our school.

Thank you to the staff who supported on the trip, helping it to run very smoothly. You helped to make my job so much easier on the day. To take this many children to an event meant that I had an army of parent volunteers. Thank you so much to all of you who came and helped, supported, cheered on our children. It really does mean so much to them and I would not be able to attend these events without your support.

Cross country running is a great way for children to keep fit, outside in the fresh air, no special equipment needed. Next time you go to the park, why not get a little practice in for next years event!

J Chapman

Cross Country March 2016

Cross Country March 2016 1
Cross Country March 2016 2
Cross Country March 2016 3