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Day of Reflection

Sycamore V.I.P.s 04/12/20

27.11.20 Here are the VIPs and Values Stars this week in Elm and Willow Class.

27.11.2020 VIPs- Maple Class

Here are this week's VIPs in Elm and Willow Class.
Here are this week's VIPs in Elm and Willow Class.
Here is the Values Star this week chosen by our Values Ambassadors.

Sycamore VIPs

Here are the VIPs from last week in Elm and Willow Class. Well done all of you.

Amazing VIPs from Maple 6.11.20

Here are some of Willow and Elm Class who have earned a mention in our VIP Assemblies this term.

Sycamore V.I.P.s

Elm class Mufti Day

VIPs and Care Award 23/10/20

Maple class Halloween Mufti!

VIPs 16/10/20

Sycamore Class VIPs

Maple Class VIPs and Care award 9/10/20

VIPs 2/10/20

VIPs 25/09/2020

VIPs 18/09/20

VIPs 11/09/20

What we are all up to at home.... 

The Great Fire of London. Last week in the Penguin bubble, we made some cardboard houses. Today we recreated the Great Fire of London and burned them. It was amazing!

The Penguin bubble have been very creative! They decorated rocks for the school stone snake and then deisgned and made their own hats! Well done Penguins!

Top Spellers

Nenyasha has made a lava lamp and a glitter lamp. 

Map Reading

100 Reads... well done Cyrus.

Top spellers for the week.

Lucie has been busy making and playing guitars, cooking treats for her dad, feeding the birds and redesigning her play house as a chill out space to name a few!

Key Worker Summer Poems

This weeks top speller.

Harrison has been working towards his Space Badge at Beavers. He has done lots of reading and schoolwork including this excellent maths work.

Connor's Poem

Still image for this video
Sycamore class wrote some poems in their English work this week. Here is Connor performing the poem he wrote.

Cyrus added his stone to our snake on the way to football training!

Alfie, Cyrus, Henry and Zoe having at go at some DT projects

Working hard..

This weeks top spellers! Year one you are working so hard!!!

A very proud Ruby! Well done

Abi made some numicon biscuits to help with her maths and to eat! They do look great!

Sycamore Class did some reading challenges last week - here are some of the photos!

Ruby has been growing her strawberry for 3 weeks and she is holding some excellent science work.

Top Spellers of the week

Mollie has been getting creative this week.

Nevaeh has been super busy, she has earned 2 gymnastics awards, written some things that she is grateful for, worked on maths, done some gardening and has also created a fairy garden! Well done Nevaeh!

Olivia's amazing home learning!

This weeks top spellers

This is Freddie's super work about the Great Fire of London. He even used tea bags to make his new report look old, good idea Freddie!

Rosebelle has been very busy creating some fantastic artwork and also some super writing, well done Rosebelle.

Darsh has been learning about The Great Fire of London and also parts of flowers, fab work!

Charlie has written a news report and a diary about The Great Fire of London, super work Charlie!

Juliette has been enjoying the sunshine and exploring nature. It looks beautiful!

Abi's latest blockbuster starring Abi, Miles and Jack!

Still image for this video

Elliott's craft

Still image for this video

Zoe has been a busy bee!

Alannah has been getting creative

Connor has been creating some art masterpieces!

Cyrus went on a wildlife walk and put this information together. Watch out for the rare animal at the end!!

Elliott's pond and insect food chain.

The best bit about baking bread is the eating! Well done boys

Evie's birthday pencil arrived in one piece! Happy Birthday Evie.

Charlie has been enjoying learning about our new topic, The Great Fire of London. Super writing Charlie!

Freddie has been busy with his spellings and has also made a fantastic rocket after watching the Space X launch. Well done Freddie, a great idea!

Max is so proud to be a VIP. Well done Max!

Connor and Marcus having a go at some DT activities

Some of Sycamore Class should have been on residential this week. Zoe and Cyrus did the 'camping' part at home this week!

Alannah, Zoe, George and Marcus have made a great to start to Sycarmore's topic on 'The Grand Canyon'

Ezra and Noah have found lots to do and enjoyed celebrating Ezra's birthday!

Rhys, Owen, Marcus and Daniel have learnt all about the butterfly life cycle.

Fantastic fact file by Kyla

Great Barrier Reef Information by Issy

Parker has been busy spelling and telling the time. He has also been going for walks with his brother Monty to find Pokemon and some baby chicks!

Charlie and Freddie have been finding lots to do to keep them busy!

Gabriella is growing some butterflies at home, at the moment they are caterpillars, how long will it take for them to become butterflies? Gabriella will keep us updated!

Freddie's fab home learning!

Juliette has been learning to ride her bike without stabilisers, wow!

Alannah has been designing a new ipad holder and Lucie has completed some great history work

Gabriel has learnt how to make popcorn on his own and has been perfcting his drawing skills

Zoe busy being a scientist and an artist!

Cyrus keeping busy with his bike and relaxing with a book.

Connor with some of his Maths and English work.

Rosebelle's super home learning!

Marcus and Owen have been experimenting with chocolate! See Mrs Davis's science page if you want a go!

Elliott's been inspired by our new topic the Geat Barrier Reef

Lyla's lovely home learning!

A ‘Concert in Quarantine’

Still image for this video
Elliott and the NMTC Youth Society recorded a ‘Concert in Quarantine’ for you all to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa.

Scouts virtual sleepover, with a homemade den in the living room.

Fun with bubble blowers.

Still image for this video

Cyrus's house looking great for VE Day.

Connor celebrated VE Day with some amazing baking!

Daniel and Marcus enjoyed celebrating VE Day!

Olivia enjoyed celebrating VE Day with her family! She has also been working hard on her maths and writing tasks.

Rosebelle and Daniella had a great time celebrating VE day!

Leyli and Suri have been preparing for the celebrations.

Mollie is ready for VE Day!

Oliver with his very patriotic hair - well done mum!

Noah and Evelyn are getting ready for VE Day!

A very proud and happy Connor

Charlie and Ellie continue to work hard!

Elliott's VE day film!

Still image for this video

Rosebelle and Daniella have made some fantastic numicon biscuits and have been busy with other home learning too.

VE Celebrations

Film Making.

Still image for this video
Elliott has been learning to make films. This is him singing, ‘This Is Me’ and a collection of pictures taken over the past 7 weeks.
I’m sure you’ll agree this is fantastic!

Issy's VE day poster

Elliott's creative writing.

Bobby has been busy in the garden with his brother...

Have a look at Freddie's super home learning! Great work Freddie!

Harrison has been working hard on his Maths set by Mrs Butter