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We are really pleased how the children have returned back to school. They have all started to get into our new routines and it has been wonderful to hear all that they have been up to over the summer. 


Just to remind you

Miss Shelton teaches the class Monday - Wednesday 

Mrs Mizon teaches the class Thursday - Friday 


If you ever need anything you can either call the school and ask for us to call back or you can email us: 




We look forward to working closely with you this year. 


English work we completed in our school bubbles

We decorated the social distancing crosses

English work we completed in our school bubbles






Fun with Science

So impressed with last weeks home school learning. Keep working hard Maple!


Please keep reading daily, Fiction Express is a fantastic resource, daily spelling work from Spelling Shed and finally remember to check SeeSaw too- there are extra activities on there... some even have prizes attached upon completion! 




Sports Leaders Competition!!!!


You have been sent the challenge to create a Tennis activity for the Virtual School Games. Students are asked to complete a session plan and to create their own 40 second challenge video. The closing date for entries is 12th June and the overall winner will have their video included in the final Virtual School Games Challenge. For further details please visit: https://www.northamptonshiresport.org/sports-leaders-competition Good luck and have fun!

Sports Leader Challenge

Still image for this video

I love learning new things #Science

More fun Science tasks

Topic - The Great Barrier Reef

Our new topic is the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Natural Wonders of the World.

Please find below an information sheet, Knowledge Organiser and Homework Grid to guide you in your learning. There are also powerpoints and details of some useful websites which you may wish to refer to.

If you come across any other websites that you think might be of interest to everyone then please post the details on Seesaw.

Some more fun Science

75th Anniversary of VE Day How is VE remembered by those that were there?

Geography - Locating the World's countries, eight points of the compass and Ordnance Survey maps.

Please find below useful websites and activity sheets relating to countries of the World, the eights points of the compass and how to read Ordnance Survey maps.

Some of the activities have the answers attached. Please use these to check your work and not simply to copy from!

Opportunity for those interested in Performing Arts- NMPAT Auditions 2020 for county music groups, choirs and Young Actors Company.

Science Activities to try at home- get you thinking about WHY and HOW

Year 5 Work WB 20/04/2020

Time Capsule Activity- Found by Jason!

A selection of fun activities to play with the family to keep you busy, found by Mrs Chapman!

Take a look at what some of the children in the school have been up to....


(Please email me any pictures you would like me to add)

Just a reminder year 5's


Look on Sycamore class for your Maths home learning work. 


Thank you to all those who have been on the class SeeSaw, lovely to see what you are all up to. Attached is the Topic work for home learning.

Reflecting at the end of a very long and difficult day… Probably the strangest day l have faced in my teaching career. Saying goodbye to you all- my lovely class, was truly challenging.


Year 6’s exams may have been cancelled, but each and every one of you have grown in so many ways over the past years. I have taught some of you guys for three years, and you have been a massive part of my teaching career, I have enjoyed many happy moments and laughs with all of you.


I am very thankful to have worked with such a great bunch. I hope you are as proud of yourselves as I always have been.


I look forward to hearing great things from you all.

Take care all.

Keep in contact.


Miss Shelton


P.S I haven’t forgotten about the home learning… watch this space.

As discussed in class we will be using Seesaw to support home learning. 

Celebration of School PE and Sport


We recently held a special assembly to celebrate all the sporting activities the children take part in.  Special guests were invited to join us including the Mayor, Jo Beirne and Josh Jones, a trampolinist who represents England.


We heard from some children who recalled their favourite sporting memories and Josh then spoke about his sporting career. 


To end the celebration, Mrs Chapman was presented with the award for Primary Sports School of the Year by the Mayor. 


Topic - Our Green Planet


Please find below information about our new topic, including the Knowledge Organiser and Homework Grid.   We have already learnt a great deal about how to reduce our Carbon Footprint and save energy.

Tudor Day


Here are a selection of photos that show how much our class enjoyed Tudor Day.  We learnt some fascinating facts as well as impressing our visitor with our knowledge of this topic.  


Cross Country


Congratulations to all the children that took part in the cross country we were really proud of you all! 

An extra well done to Iona who placed first for the year six girls and Evie who placed second!! 

Gold and Silver!!


Silverstone Experience

Maple class enjoyed an exciting trip to Silverstone this week, the home of British motor sport.

We learnt about engineering and technology in the world of motor sport including the important part that friction and forces play in enabling racing cars to reach incredible speeds.

The exhibition included many hands-on activities and some of these can be seen in the photos below.

A special mention must be given to Colin who impressed everyone with his knowledge of Formula 1 racing.


Our thanks go to Mrs Ellwood, Mrs O'Reilly, Mrs Harris and Mrs Merson for accompanying us on our trip and helping the children throughout the day.


Congratulations to our newly appointed Head boy and Head Girl

Jake and Libby

And our new Deputies

Rhys, Leyli and Evie

We look forward to working with you!


All children were fantastic at interview, it was a very hard decision appointing. I’m sure you agree such a wonderful experience for them and good practice for the future. We were so impressed with the applicants that we felt others deserved some responsibility too so we are currently agreeing some new positions. Watch this space for an update…

Our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Thank you to our wonderful waiters and waitress' for their service with a smile. Well done Jake, Libby, Leyli, Harley, Heidi, Alfie, Molly and Samia. 







We had a very exciting day today. Maple class was invited to the Castle Theatre, Wellingborough to help launch the pantomime season.


We got to take part in a workshop lead by two of the cast members- Jasmin and Aladdin. Some children were given lines to present the cast at the press release. We finished the afternoon having photo opportunities with the cast that included Atomic Kitten's, Natasha Hamilton.


A fantastic day, thank you for the invite we really enjoyed ourselves.

Also a huge thank you to Mrs Scola, Mrs Ellwood, Mrs Harris, Mrs Kerlin, Mrs Pike and Mrs Parsons for your support and help transporting the children and of course a thank you to Mrs Brown for thinking of us and putting us in contact with the Castle for such a lovely opportunity.


Can we take this chance to wish our very own shining star Elliott good luck for his part in the Aladdin pantomime, we know you will be amazing and we can’t wait to hear all about it. Don’t forget to go see him if you have a chance!



Still image for this video

Maple Class' workshop

Treasure Island clip

Still image for this video

Sorting Keys in Science

Basketball taster session

School Council 


Congratulations to Kyla for being voted our year 5 school council representative.

Week one


We are pleased to say we have had such a lovely first week back with the class.

The children have really impressed us. There has been a lot going on some amazing writing, marvelous maths and I am proud to say a class of little book worms. 


Well done this week to all the children for their hard work it has been a pleasure we are excited for the term ahead. 


2019 - 2020













Our next topic ...

Avalanche Shelter design competition


After the previous week's lesson on strength from triangles in engineering, using only one sheet of card, art straws and PVA glue, the class were challenged to make an avalanche shelter that cold protect the girl from weights of up to 1kg, dropped from 1 metre above.


Four pairs reached 500g, but only one survived to 1kg.


1st: Ross & Issy

2nd (equal): Fynn & Heidi / Matthew & Tayla / AJ & Abi

3rd (equal): Emily & Samuel W / Alanna & Harley


That's 2 design competitions this year, and both times Ross has been on the winning team. Looks like we have a future engineer in our class.


USA Handiwork


I'm sure you've all seen the handsome science work USA children brought home tonight. It was all-hands-on-deck as we had a special visitor from Wrenn Academy delivering a science lesson on the human skeleton, a topic that goes hand-in-hand with some of our human body work this term. Some of the children needed a helping hand with the more tricky bits, but I was there to lend a hand to those who struggled to assemble the tendons, carpals and phalanges. The bone names were difficult to remember in the theoretical part of the lesson, but a more hands-on approach was hands-down more memorable. At the end of the afternoon, a show of hands was a weird sight; on the other hand, shaking hands in the cloakroom would have been odder.



Our new topic this term ...

Pastel 'hot & cold' art work


Thank you to everyone who came along for our Greek Museum afternoon. It was lovely to receive so many positive comments, about the children's knowledge, enthusiasm, manners and confidence. It was great to see so many of you attend - your support only makes my job easier, as it enthuses the children further - by 2:30 they were so excited I though some of them were going to burst.


Well done USA - you made me a very proud teacher today.


Some photos of the afternoon are below.


Well done to the winners of our photo quiz this afternoon, guessing the Greek inventions on our class display, and thank you to all who took part. The correct answers (that have names on) came from:


Water clock - Colin's dad

Jumping weights - Sarah

Toothbrush - Kat

Automatic doors - Jens N


There were lots of other correct answers, but they either have no names on them or the name was illegible (come on parents - you're worse than your children!).



THE MONSTER APPROACHES - A collection of descriptive writing using personification to portray an impending thunder-storm.





Class USA are opening a museum on Ancient Greece for one day only, Thursday 6 December, in the mobile, from 2:45 - 3:30pm. Please come along and support our work, and let the children show you how much they know about the Ancient Greek civilisation.
See you there, I hope.
Class USA and Mr Gunn

End of WW1 Centenary - 1918 - 2018


Our class have been studying WW1 war poets this week, and inspired by what they have read and learned, each of them has written a poem in tribute to those poets, and all who lost their lives or loved ones in the Great War. The book can be downloaded below, along with the original poems we studied all week.

I am hugely proud of their efforts, and how respectfully and seriously they all undertook this task.


Mr Gunn


Parents' Evening follow-up (8/11/18)


Here are a two of the documents some of you asked me about last night at parents' evening meetings.


The Maths curriculum map shows the order each class is studying different areas of maths this year. The 'Reading Support' one has some suggested questions / prompts which would be good to promote discussion when reading to or with Y5/6 children.

If there's anything else you need, or have thought about after our meeting last night, please contact me by email or see me after school (from next week - I still have a few individual appointments this week).


Mr Gunn

The WW1 Centenary poetry that USA have been studying so eagerly and respectfully this week.

Completed Pandora's Boxes

Pandora's Box - art & design work (photos taken by Sam)

Clepsydra Competition


Today the children worked to design and build a working clepsydra (an ancient Greek invention, a water clock) to accurately measure 1 minute. The results were impressive, with 6 pairs measuring a minute to within 4 seconds, three of them being within 2 seconds. The winners were:

1st: Ross & Amy - 1 minute 0.66 seconds

2nd: Lily & Harley - 58.39 seconds

3rd: Fynn & Samia - 1:01.90

4th: Dougie & Emily - 1:02.22

5th: Jake & Alanna - 1:02.96

6th: Abi & Mavi - 1:03.99


Well done everyone. Some pictures of the fun and learning are below.

Our Clepsydra Competition winners, timing 1 minute accurately with water to within 0.66 seconds.



New school year, 2018-19



Congratulations to these wonderful Year 6 children who all scored the maximum 120/120 in at least one SAT subject. Well done girls - it's such a rare achievement and I'm delighted to have 4 maximums in one class, and so proud of you all.

Crime Scene Science - Chromatography

Great Doddington Primary School

  proudly presents

 11th & 12th July 2018


 Tickets available now.

Highlights from this year's Y5-6 Rock UK residential

Y6 Bikeability 2018



Everyone who returned their form will be doing Level 1 Bikeability on the first morning back, Monday 4th June. This will go ahead whatever the weather, so dress for the conditions on that day (you can come to school in your PE / cycling kit), and remember to bring school uniform to change into for the afternoon.



I have worked out groups to avoid clashes with the cricket teams on Wednesday. If you pass level 1, you will be doing level 2 as follows:


Tuesday 5th June, 9am - 3pm

Archie B, Archie L, Joseph, Baydon, Max, Lauren, Stefanie, Katy M, Amelia W, Phoebe


Wednesday 6th June, 9am - 3pm

Kieran, Amelia C, Konstantin, Rylee, Isaac, William, Charlie, Clinton


All cyclists will return to school between 12:10 - 1:10pm for their usual lunch hour. Any hot dinners booked are unaffected.




Exploring how a battery makes electricity (with a lemon) in science

Using a lemon to power a clock.
Generating 1.8V from a lemon.
These two found it hilarious for some reason.

Details of our new topic

Maths SATs Morning Booster Classes


In the weeks between Easter and SATs, I will be running morning booster classes in Maths for year 6. They are optional, but can really make a difference, with the chance to work in smaller groups and tackle any specific problem areas or worries they might have. If your child encounters an area of Maths that they find difficult in their revision books, this is the ideal time to bring them in for some extra individual support.


Booster classes will take place in class USA from 8:00am to 8:45am on the following dates:


  1. Wednesday 18 April
  2. Wednesday 25 April
  3. Wednesday 2 May
  4. Wednesday 9 May


There is no need to sign a permission letter, or to attend every one; if you can only make one or two of them that’s better than none at all. Just turn up with your Maths revision books between 7:55 - 8:00am (please be prompt – arriving after 8:00 is really disruptive for everyone else) with your Maths brain ready to go.




Expanding Syllable poems

Line 1 has 1 syllable; line 2 has 2 syllables; etc.

Here is the recipe for banana bread that we made this week


Horowitz Horror

I've had several requests for the book I've been reading the children this term. It is called 'Horowitz Horror' by Anthony Horowitz, and is age-appropriate for years 5-6, and full of well-crafted scary / suspense stories that have really caught the imagination this term.

It is available for £5.99 on Amazon.





The inter-faith group from Wellingborough visited our school and lead workshops based on their religions.  The children asked lots of questions and filled a workbook with lots of information they had found out.  We will be learning more about these religions in the next few weeks.



Class USA have been studying horror and suspense fiction this term. We have written a class ghost story - every child has contributed in some way to this story, so it is a real team effort. Enjoy.


Breath             by Class USA



          James was glad to be in the water - those changing rooms were gloomy, eerie and oddly worrying. Although he normally spent as long as he could admiring his own reflection, the mirrors at Hellingborough indoor swimming pool made him feel nervous, like a pair of concealed, blood-shot eyes were watching him. Now he was in the water, where he was most at home, swimming his fifty lengths he did every morning before the pool opened to the public. There were four other members of staff there this morning, but instead of swimming lengths like James, they were all sat around chatting in the little hot-tub pool at the side. Even Paul, the lifeguard who should have been watching at the side, was 'chilling' in the tub. Despite this, James was enjoying having the main pool to himself, before the stickies came in and warmed up (and topped up) the pool a bit.

          "Oi James!" yelled Paul. "I bet you can't do two lengths underwater."

James already knew Paul was an idiot (only last week, on James' first day, Paul had pushed him off the high diving board, and James hasn't felt well since), but he didn't want to lose face in front of the rest of the staff. Accepting the challenge, James took a deep breath and plunged into the deepest, darkest water.

          The first length was easy. Silence. Stillness. Solitude.

          Towards the end of the second length, however, he knew he was in trouble: his arms and legs seemed to slow down; he could hear his rapid heart-beat accelerating; his lungs felt squeezed, like someone was inside his chest gripping them tight.

          Ascending from the depths, he noticed a dark, fast-moving silhouette out of the corner of his eye. Was the lack of oxygen making him imagine it? He turned. Beneath him, wearing an oddly old-fashioned swimming costume, he saw a woman with the palest skin he'd ever seen and long, dark, wavy hair glide past.

In the changing rooms, James and the other staff chatted about nothing in particular as they got dried and dressed into their smart red and yellow uniforms, ready for the pool to open to the public in ten minutes. Not wanting to appear peculiar, James decided not to say anything about the mysterious figure in the pool to the people he was working with all day.

          At six o'clock, the others went off to their jobs, leaving James alone in the changing rooms - he didn't start work until 6:30.

          Whistling his familiar tune, Bob the caretaker came mopping and sweeping into the changing rooms.

          "Hello James. Are you OK? You look a bit pale today," enquired Bob.

          "Funny you should ask that. I've just seen a strange, very pale woman swim under me in the pool just now," replied James.

          "You must be imagining it. There haven't been any women swimming this morning - the female changing rooms are still locked."

Shocked and confused, James rushed out of the door to the female changing rooms. He yanked the handle, but soon noticed it was locked, just like Bob had said.

          Sprinting through the male changing rooms, past a bewildered Bob, he hurried into the pool area, but found the female changing room door locked on that side too. Staring into the translucent, rippling water, he was surprised to see that the mysterious female swimmer was nowhere to be seen. There were no wet footprints (apart from his own) at the poolside either.

          James charged to the office. He thought the security camera footage might show her ... but despite playing it back five times, he was the only swimmer in the pool that morning. Maybe he imagined her - after all, he was struggling to breathe at the time.

          Spinning the office chair around, before he could get up he came face to face with a photo of a swimmer - she was pale skinned, with long wavy dark hair, blood-shot eyes and was wearing an oddly old-fashioned swimsuit. Next to the photo, a plaque read: 'In loving memory of Jane Coral, Olympic swimmer, 1878 - 1898.'




World Book Day outfits

New topic for Spring ...

Egg Drop challenge winners

Egg Drop design challenge

Computing - Sketch-Up art galleries:


During this term, USA have created their own art galleries, using different tools, and sculptures, which many have imported into their galleries. I'm very impressed with their hardwork and resilience - they look great!


AJ, Callum and Rylee art gallery.jpg
Amelia W art gallery.jpg
Archie B and Archie L sculpture.jpg
Archie L art gallery.jpg
Baydon art gallery.jpg
Bayley art gallery.jpg
Charlie art gallery.jpg
Emily, Emma and Tayla art gallery.jpg
Isaac art gallery.jpg
Joseph and Kieran art gallery.jpg
Katie A art gallery.jpg
Katy M art gallery.jpg
Konstantin art gallery.jpg
Lauren and Amelia C art gallery.jpg
Matthew and Fynn art gallery.jpg
Max art gallery.jpg
Phoebe and Amelie art gallery.jpg
Stef  art gallery.jpg
William art gallery.jpg

Our next topic this year ...

Computing 2 - the second challenge was to design a walled garden, extending Sketch-Up skills to use textures and materials

Amelia C garden.jpg
Amelia W garden.jpg
ArchieB ArchieL garden.jpg
Baydon and William.jpg
charlie & rylee garden.jpg
Emily and Tayla garden.jpg
emma and bayley-may garden.jpg
Isaac Garden.jpg
Joseph & Kieran.jpg
Katie A garden.jpg
Katy M and Lauren garden.jpg
konstantin garden.jpg
matty and fynn garden.jpg
Max garden.jpg
Phoebe and Amelie's garden.jpg
stefanies garden.jpg

Computing 1 - the first challenge was to produce a virtual model of our classroom

amelie classroom.jpg
Archie L class room.jpg
fynn class room.jpg
Joseph classroom.jpg
Katie a classroom.jpg
matthew class room.jpg
Max classroom.jpg
phoebe classroom.jpg
Katy M classroom.jpg
Bayley-may Class room.jpg
baydon classroom.jpg

Positive and Negative Space art work

School Council reps for Y6


Following an election in class last week, the school council representatives for year 6 were chosen. Congratulations to: Katy M and Archie L.


(If either of these is selected as head boy / girl, the runner-up in the election will take their place as the extra Y6 school council rep).

Year 5 reps were chosen by an election in Miss Shelton's maths class (just year 5s).



Parent welcome meeting, 3:00pm, Tues 19 Sept. 2017

The PowerPoint of the meeting is available to download above, for those unable to attend.




This year's first topic

Contact Mr Gunn

If you don't have my email address, you can contact me by clicking this link.

Congratulations to all of year 6 for an excellent set of SAT results - all the hard work paid off in the end. Particular mention should be made of our '100-percenters,' it's such a rare achievement and I'm so proud of you all.



The report of our year 6 children meeting astronaut Tim Peake was featured prominently in last week's Northants Telegraph.


Northants Telegraph 17 Nov 2016

Official Principia photo published

Meeting the astronaut - a group of year 6 children attended the Principia Conference in Portsmouth & met astronaut Tim Peake.

Newspaper article on our Olympic Park triathlon trip