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Senior Students election results 2015-16

Senior Students election

On Friday we held an election to choose our two Senior Students for the year ahead. After a class discussion in USA about the democratic process, nine candidates from year 6 put themselves forward, and prepared short presentations that they gave to all the KS2 classes. Every child in years 3 - 6 had two votes, and the children they elected are:

Jessica G & Freddie B

Senior Students become additional members of School Council, so as Jessica was already one of Class USA's year 6 School Council reps, the runner-up in last month's school council election, Jodie F, will now become a year 6 School Council rep for USA.

Congratulations to all concerned in a very close election. I had very positive feedback from the adults in Spain and Greece about how confidently all the candidates gave their presentations (without me there to accompany them) on Friday afternoon, and we had no 'spoiled papers' - meaning everyone in years 3-6 understood the rules of the election and voted properly.