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Tuesday 8th September


Hi everyone!


Just wanted to say a big well done to everyone for settling in so well and also for coming into school so beautifully in the mornings!


Just a reminder - Vipers books should be returned on a Monday please (they are just for the weekend) and school bags are only needed on Mondays and Fridays.


Many thanks, Mrs Mistry

Welcome Willow class 2020-2021!


I hope that you have all had a lovely summer and I look forward to welcoming you all back on Wednesday 2nd September.


Here is the email I sent out a couple of weeks ago ready for our return. See you in a few days! Mrs Mistry


Dear Willow class and families,


I hope that you are all keeping well, enjoying the holidays and we look forward to seeing you in September! We are so looking forward to welcoming back the new Year 2s and also to teaching the new Year 1s! I just wanted to confirm some things in preparation for September and also to give you some notice for what the children will need to bring to school with them when they return.


As you will know from the newsletter, Willow class will be quite different when we come back. The classroom has different learning areas such as a construction and small world area, reading corner, an investigation area, as well as a maths and English corner. It is all looking lovely! The children will also be accessing the outdoor area and Mrs Chapman’s classroom throughout the day. We will be working as a big team, including myself, Mrs Odell and Mrs Denton alongside Mrs Chapman, Mrs Austin and Mrs Parsons. There will still be short carpet times for phonics, english and maths etc which the children are already used to. We hope that this will enable all of the children to learn more effectively and will be more tailored to their individual needs and interests as well as to help them settle back in after the unusual end to this school year. Mrs Chapman also hopes to run outdoor learning for Willow class from October, she will keep you posted nearer the time regarding this.


In light of these changes, please can you ensure that your child brings a pair of named wellies when they return on the first day back in September. They will also need a named pair of waterproof trousers (see letter from Mrs Chapman attached for details) for them to wear for outdoor learning sessions, these will not start until October so please don’t bring them in straight away, we just wanted to give you time to purchase these. In September, children will be required to wear full uniform and long hair will need to be tied back. The children do not need to bring in an extra rain coat, just their normal coat that they would bring to school every day will be fine.


We are unsure yet as to whether we are going to be able to do indoor P.E when we return to school so please also bring a named pair of trainers in a P.E bag for your child to change into for outdoor P.E. If this changes, we will let you know as soon as possible. Earrings should not be worn on PE days. You will be informed of our P.E days in September. Every day your child will also need to bring a named water bottle to school and a bookbag (or other small bag – please don’t bring big backpacks as they will not fit on the pegs). You can support your child by reading with them regularly (at least 3 times a week) and recording it in their reading record book.


Finally, if you have any questions or would like to let us know of any good news from home or anything that you think will help your child in September, please don’t hesitate to contact us or speak to us at the end of the school day. We can be contacted on:

kirsten.mistry@greatdoddington.northants.sch.uk and



Many thanks and kind regards,

Mrs Mistry, Mrs Odell and Mrs Denton

Sunday 28th June - Hi everyone! I hope that you had a good weekend! Year 1s - here are your spellings and the SPAG mat for this week. Your phonics sound and spellings are based on the same sound for this week so it should be an easier week for you! Year 2s - you have come to the end of the spelling programme for Year 2, so there are no spellings for me to post. I have put lots of words from the spelling patterns that we have learned all year at school on Spelling Shed and these will be available until the last day of term so please still keep playing and I will keep checking every week to see your progress and post which bee you are! Keep up the hard work and have a nice week, Mrs Mistry

Monday 29th June

Good Morning Everyone

I have had a lovely week chatting to lots of children and hearing about all the lovely things you have been doing in lockdown. Keep up the good work this week - it should be easier to concentrate now it is not quite so hot. I think the wind has been trying to blow my dogs away though, as every time we go for a walk it seems to be blowing a gale!

This week in maths Year Ones are counting with coins and Year Twos are looking at measurement. I have also added some time worksheets for Year Two as I know lots of you have been practising your skills. Don't forget to check out the Nrich website -there is a link on Year One and Year Two maths planning page that will take you to an investigation activity linked to this week's learning. Just click on the link and have a look. 

I shall email everyone this week and I'm really looking forward to hearing from you and maybe seeing some photos of what you have been doing. Let me know if you would like photos posted on the website gallery pages.

Enjoy your week!

Mrs Odell

Friday 26th June

Good Morning All.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and have enjoyed everything you have done. It has been very hot and sunny and I know from talking to some of you that you have had lots of fun. Good luck with the Friday Maths Challenge and remember there are lots of great maths games to play on Topmarks Maths -see my maths pages for the link. Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Odell

Wednesday 24th June - Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. In school, the Year 1s have been enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London and I thought that I would put up some more things to do if you have the time. Please see below for some more activities (the ebook may only work on computers). Mrs Denton and I will be delivering some little gifts to you at home over the next weeks so keep an eye out for us! It was lovely to see some of you when I started my deliveries yesterday! Hope you are enjoying your week, Mrs Mistry

Good Morning Everyone

I hope you've all had a lovely start to your Monday. I have been for an early walk over the fields which turned into a much longer walk as one of my naughty dogs went off chasing a rabbit! He was never going to catch it as the rabbit was much bigger than him but he did try very hard!

Here is the maths for this week. Year Ones are counting to 100 and Year Twos are measuring. Have lots of fun. Well done to those people in Year Two who are getting very good at telling the time. Fantastic job.

I'm looking forward to speaking to some of you again this week and if I have already had a chat with you then -thank you I really enjoyed it.

Mrs Odell

Sunday 21st June - Hello Willow class and Year 1 Elm. I hope that you had a really nice weekend. Here are the spellings, results and SPAG mats for this week. Have a good one and stay safe in the sun! Mrs Mistry

Monday 15th June

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you've all had a lovely sunny weekend. Here is the maths planning for this week. I have heard about lots of fantastic learning this week - especially about The Great Fire of London so thank you to all those who have responded to emails and I'm looking forward to hearing from people this week. 

If you have any questions then just email me and I will respond as soon as possible.

Mrs Odell



Sunday 14th June - Here are the Spellings and SPAG mats for this week. You are doing so well with your spellings, well done everyone! Have a good week. Mrs Mistry

Friday 12th June - Hi everyone! Just a little note to say that as I will be in school teaching the returning Year 1 children from next week, I will be unable to respond to emails as frequently as I have been. From now on, please send any completed home learning to Mrs Odell at nic.odell@greatdoddington.northants.sch.uk, she will also be contacting those of you who have been on my contact list up until now. If you have any questions regarding Spelling Shed, then please do email me and I will reply when I am able. I will still upload spellings, results and SPAG mats for each week on a Sunday evening. Thanks and take care, Mrs Mistry

Thursday 11th June

Good Morning Everyone

Mrs Mistry and I have been working on very similar things this week! We have been making glitter bottles in our house. They are great for calming down and relaxing.


You will need some help at the start as you need to use boiling water so that will be a job for the adult.. There is even a glitterfall video at the end of the clip which is great to watch if you haven't got the equipment to make your own bottle.

Enjoy your day

Mrs Odell 

Wednesday 10th June - Hello Willow class. I hope that you are all doing well today. Yesterday, my son and I made a homemade lava lamp. It was awesome! The video won't upload but here is a picture of it. Why don't you have a go at home? Please scroll down to see the instructions. Have a nice day, Mrs Mistry

Science - Home made lava lamp instructions (if you don't have fizzy water, we used lemonade).

Tuesday 9th June - Good morning Willow class! Thanks for all of the lovely email replies that you have been sending. Here is my sunflower this week, it is about 20cm tall now. It has been so nice to hear about lots of you who have been growing at home too. Have a good day, Mrs Mistry

Monday 8th June

Good Morning Willow and Elm Year Ones

I hope you all had a lovely week. It's a shame that the weather has turned colder but all the flowers in my garden seem grateful that it has rained a little. Here is the Maths planning for this week. Year Twos, don't forget to keep practising telling the time at any opportunity. Year Ones can do this too - o'clock and half past for you. 

Mrs Odell

Monday 8th June - Good morning all! I hope that you had a lovely weekend. Here are the spellings and SPAG mats for this week as well as the Spelling Shed results for last week. Have a super day! Mrs Mistry

Monday 8th June - WOW! Well done Year 1! Have a look at the Spelling Shed league, 8 out of the top ten children are from Year 1. This is for the total number of points achieved since they began Spelling Shed this year, not for the number of points for this week. I am so proud of you! Also special mention to Charlie In Year 2 who is in the top ten as well. Super work everyone! Mrs Mistry

Wednesday 3rd June - Hello Willow class! I hope that you are well today. Here is a photo of me from last year ready for this term's topic. Where am I? Why is this a historical place? Email me if you know the answer! Have a lovely day! Mrs Mistry

Monday 1st June 

Hello Willow Class and Elm Class Year One.

I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves last week and are safe and well.

Here is the Maths for this week and the second learning grid for the term. In art I have linked the planning to your History work about the Great Fire of London. There is a skyline document that will help you with your art work attached below. If you have any questions or want to share any of your lovely work then I would be delighted to hear from you. Year Twos if you have been keeping your work in Maths for Mrs Butter to see, then please carry on doing that and I am happy to give you feedback or help until then. Mrs Butter has said that she will be very impressed with children who are learning to tell the time using both digital and analogue clocks!

Welcome back to Term 6 and whatever this term brings we will be here  to help you learn.

Mrs Odell

Monday 1st June - Good morning Willow class and Year 1 Elm. I hope that you had a lovely half term break and that you are all well! Here are the spellings and SPAG mats for this week. Mrs M

Monday 1st June 2020 - Welcome to term 6 Willow class! Please find attached the first home learning grid for this term. Mrs Odell will upload a second grid shortly. Have a look through the grid and then try some of the activities. Most of the learning is linked to our new topic - The Great Fire of London! I really hope that you enjoy finding out all about it. If you have any questions then please do email me. Mrs Mistry


Good Morning all you lovelies

I hope you have all had a super week. Next week, as Mrs Mistry has said, there will be no work set as it is the half term break. I have been so proud of and impressed by the excellent work you have been doing and I'm sure that will continue after the break. Have lots of fun, stay safe and enjoy yourselves.

Parents - even though it is half-term if you need something and we can help please just send me an email. We are all still here for you.

Mrs Odell

Wednesday 20th May - Good morning! I have planted one sunflower in a bigger pot and one in a flowerbed as most of my flowerbeds are in the shade during the day. Which one do you think will grow to be the tallest? Just to let you know that there won't be any spellings or SPAG mats posted on Bank Holiday Monday (25th) as it is half term. Have a lovely day and a nice week off next week. Take care, Mrs Mistry

Tuesday 19th May - Hello! Another sunny day today! I hope that you are all well. It is Day 2 of Kindness Week and try out Tuesday for Harold the Giraffe. Who were you kind to yesterday? Gabriella helps to do the washing up and Nevaeh is helping to paint the fence, well done girls! Have a look at Harold's Daily Diary to see what he is doing today. Take care and have a good day, Mrs Mistry

Monday 18th May - Good morning Willow class and Year 1 Elm! I hope that you have had a lovely weekend! Here are the Spellings and SPAG mats for this week and last week's Spelling Shed results. I hope you have a nice day in the sunshine! Mrs Mistry


Good Morning Willow Class and Elm Class Year Ones

I hope you are all looking forward to another sunny and sometimes very warm week. I am! I have been going on a lovely walk every evening and spotting lots of different birds while I am out. The biggest bird I have seen is the Red Kite while the smallest bird has been the wren. The noisiest bird is also the tiny little wren. It sounds like a computer game where you have to shoot at aliens to me! We also have 3 pairs of sparrows nesting in our roof and so while I work I am listening to lots of cheeping. I wonder how the doves in the undercover area are getting on and whether they are missing us, just like I am missing all of you.

This week the Y1 maths activities on White Rose are about measuring and on 'Iseemaths' there is a fantastic money game to play. You just need coins! I know some of you have been playing shops and using money so this will link well with that. Also don't forget to keep practising skills daily - counting in twos, fives and tens, and writing as a word/numeral and representing numbers to 50.

Have a super week all of you.

Mrs Odell

Maths Planning 18.05.20

Good morning lovely Willow class! Here is my sunflower, it has grown a little bit but a leaf has been munched by an insect - maybe a caterpillar? Have a good day! Mrs Mistry

Hi Parents and Carers, tomorrow (Wednesday 13th May) is National Numeracy Day. This day is aimed at helping parents to support their children with their learning in Maths. Have a look at the document below to see what sessions are available and go to numeracyday.com to watch. Thanks, Mrs Mistry

Good Morning Willow and Elm Class Year Ones

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I have seen pictures from Great Doddington and Wellingborough and the bunting and flags that decorated the streets and houses looked wonderful. Well done if you were able to put something in your window. 

This week the maths activities are all about addition and subtraction and there are some good games to play too. 

You might also like to have a look at a website called Scratch this week. It is a simple coding website and great fun. Learn how to navigate the pages by exploring - see what happens when you click on different tabs. It is a website we revisit throughout Key Stage 2 and so becoming familiar with it now will stand you in good stead.

Keep showing us your fantastic work and you have any questions we are here to help.

Mrs Odell

Maths Planning 11.05.20

Hi Willow class and Yr 1 Elm, I hope that you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed celebrating the VE day 75th Anniversary on Friday. Here are the Spellings and SPAG mats for this week. Have a look at the Spelling Shed results from last week too, you are doing so well! Have a good day, Mrs Mistry

Wednesday 6th May - Good morning all! I have been trying to upload my latest sunflower plant photo but my internet has not been working well this week! I will keep trying. It has not grown as much as Olivia's sunflower which you can see on the Gallery page. I think that I may need to move it out of a pot and plant it in a flowerbed like she has done. The weather is improving again so enjoy the lovely sunshine today! Have a good day, Mrs Mistry

Tuesday 5th May - Hello everyone! I hope that you are all doing well. Thanks again for all of the lovely photos and messages that you send to myself, Mrs Odell and Year 2 Maths work to Mrs Butter, we do love to see what you are up to! I have also had some fab ideas from some Willow class families to share with you:


YouTube - draw with Rob Biddulph. This is a great step by step drawing activity. 
YouTube - cosmic kids yoga. Good for a bit of easy exercise but do movements to different stories.
Facebook - The cheerful little letter project. They put up care homes and then allocate you a room for you to write to one of the residents. Nice to spread a little cheer. 
Skyview lite - it's a free app to help find stars and constellations. Works better when darker and skies are clear but was good fun. 
Painting in a zip sandwich bag - put the paint in the bag (and remember to zip up) then I taped it to the table. Was a great mess free activity where you can write letters, numbers and did patterns.


If you are struggling to find the right balance of home learning and other tasks - one family had this great idea:

Write the different home learning tasks onto lolly sticks or small pieces of paper (reading, spelling, maths etc) and then put them in a pot. Write some fun and creative tasks that you would like to do and put them in a different pot (painting, play dough, football etc). Take it in turns to choose from each pot!


Thanks for those lovely ideas! Have a good day! Mrs Mistry 

Please see the Gallery page for a new video message from the staff at GDPS! We hope that you like it!

Here is the Year 1 Maths Planning for this week.You might like to bake numicon biscuits to support work on number bonds. Address here. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-lIRKq6BEw

4.5.20 - On Friday it is the 75th Anniversary of VE day. Here is some bunting if you wish to decorate your house and also a reading comprehension activity if you would like to learn more about it. Have a good day! Mrs Mistry

Monday 4th May (May the 4th be with you!) - Good morning Willow class and Year 1 Elm. I hope that you had a nice weekend! Here are the Spellings, SPAG mats and spelling results. A big well done to all of you who have been trying so hard with your spellings. Keep it up! Mrs Mistry


Good Morning Willow Class

I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and the April showers on this the last day of April! It has been lovely to hear that lots of you have been enjoying the White Rose daily maths activities. I like the way they show you what to do, so clearly. In other areas I have been very impressed with the range of things I have seen. You really are a talented class. Keep working hard and stay safe.

Mrs Odell


Wednesday 29th April - Good morning! I hope that you are all ok today. I know that it is tricky to get out at the moment and get seeds / bulbs, but my kind neighbour left some sunflower seeds on my doorstep. We planted it and have made sure it has enough water and light. Look at my sunflower plant now! I will keep you updated with how much it has grown over the next few weeks. I know that lots of you have been busy on plant and flower hunts as well as labelling plants for Science. Well done! Have a super day, Mrs M

Hello Willow class and Year 1 Elm! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! Well done to all of those hard working spelling bees who went onto Spelling Shed last week: Year 1 Spelling Shed 27.4.20 Parker – Royal Bee, Nevaeh and Rosebelle – Soldier Bees, Amelia C and Juliette – Worker Bees, Jack, Rupert, Olivia, Lyla and Amelia W – Drone Bees, Hugo – Larvae . Year 2 Spelling Shed 27.4.20 Georgia – Royal Bee (and also in the top 5 of the whole school!) and Imogen – Royal Bee, Darsh and Harrison – Soldier Bees, Violet and Charlie – Worker Bees, Freddie, Hugo, Nesha and Lily – Drone Bees. Here are the spellings and SPAG Mats for this week. Mrs Mistry

Tuesday 21st April - Good morning Willow class, I hope that you are all well? BBC Bitesize have started to provide some online lessons and today's fit in well with our learning for this term, especially the Geography introduction to the UK. Have a try at the Maths and English lessons too if you can! Have a lovely day, Mrs Mistry

Monday 20th April - Here are your spellings for this week. Please learn them and complete the activity and then log onto spelling shed. Year 1 parents, I am about to email you all with your child's login instructions and an explanation for what to do. Thanks, Mrs Mistry

How lovely to see 3 members of our class in the Top 5 Spellers for our School! Well done to Darsh, Charlie and Harrison! I am so proud of you!

Monday 20th April - Good morning Willow class and welcome back! I hope that you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine. Please find below the Home Learning Grids for this term and activities. As before, if you have any questions, please email myself or Mrs Odell and we will get back to you when possible. Thanks, Mrs Mistry

Hello Everyone
I hope you have all had a lovely Easter. The weather has been kind to us thankfully. We have uploaded maths and learning grids to support home learning this term. As ever if you have any questions please get in touch. We have also loved your photos and video clips. They have really brightened our days. This term I would  be delighted to answer any email directly from the children too. 
Keep smiling 
Mrs Odell
Hi everybody! I hope that you are all well and enjoying your Easter break! Did you like the video that the teachers made? Home learning tasks for the new term will be posted on here on Monday 20th April. Enjoy the sunshine! From Mrs Mistry (Princess / Batgirl!)

Posted on Monday 23rd March: Here are the Home Learning Grids for Willow class. Please have a go at the activities. If you have any questions or completed work / photos that you would like to send then please contact Mrs Mistry at kirsten.mistry@greatdoddington.northants.sch.uk (Mon, Tues and Wed) or Mrs Odell at nic.odell@greatdoddington.northants.sch.uk (Wed afternoon, Thurs and Fri) and we will get back to you when possible. There is also a document showing suggested websites. Have fun!

Wednesday 1st April - Good morning Willow class, how are you all today? Did anybody do the Joe Wicks workout today? I have had lots of emails about the Pixl logins. I have checked them all and they do work, however, the app does not always seem to recognise the details on some phones and tablets. I'm really sorry about this. Please do not worry if you cannot login, there are only limited games on there and the work on the home learning grids, maths lessons on white rose and suggested websites are a lot more relevant and useful. Thanks for your understanding. Mrs M

Tuesday 31st March - I hope that some of you have had a chance to read Harold's Daily Diary - Harold the giraffe is helping children with their happiness and wellbeing at this time. Here is the link if you want to have a look.



I would love to see any of the activities you may do with Harold so please feel free to email me some photos!


There is also guide to help support parents answer children's questions and how to look after yourself during these challenging times.



Mrs Mistry



Monday 30th March - Following my message last week - Here are the instructions to login to PiXL. I have found 3 usernames and passwords to be incorrect and I will email those parents shortly. Please let me know if you have any problems. There are limited games to play on PiXL (Vocabulary mostly) so please do see the list of suggested websites further down on this page or the Home Learning Grids for others to access. Thanks, Mrs Mistry

Monday 30th March - A big well done to all of the Year 2 children who have been working hard on their spellings on spelling shed! We have lots of bees flying around! smiley Mrs Mistry
Monday 30th March - Good morning Willow class! I hope that you had a good week last week. My son and I managed to do 3 of the Joe Wicks Body Coach sessions last week, we hope that you have been enjoying them too! We spent the other 2 days (as we were aching so much) trying Just Dance on you tube and we especially like the Mario one! Keep working hard on your home learning and take care, Mrs Mistry

Friday 27th March

Hello children, 

I'm missing you all already but I hope you're all having fun learning things at home. Here are some more activities (Year 1 Maths and Home Learning grid 2) that you can do at home with your families. Some of the activities you have started at school so you might have to be the teacher for a while and show your families what to do! To parents, please remember that this is a list of suggested activities and not a "must-do" list. There is a lot going on and all activities should be fun. We are here for support and help in any way we can but we won't be checking that children have completed every activity! Kind Regards in the most unusual of times, Mrs Odell

Thursday 26th March - Year 1 Maths Home Learning

Wednesday 25th March

Dear Parents and children, 

Unfortunately it appears that some of the PiXL logins at the back of the reading records are not working. We apologise for this and are looking into it. Please don't worry about logging on to it for now if you are not able, just see below for other home learning tasks.

Thanks, Mrs Mistry

Wednesday 25th March - Year 2 children, just a reminder to please see Mrs Butter's Maths page for Maths Home Learning ideas. 

Thanks. Mrs Mistry

Tuesday 24th March - Practical science experiments to try at home!

Monday 23rd March - Common Exception word lists to practise reading and writing and creative writing prompt pictures.

Year 2 Maths- This can be found on Mrs Butter’s maths page.

Year 1 Children - SPAG activities

Monday 23rd March

Dear Willow class children,


We are very sad that we were unable to say a proper goodbye last week. We will miss you! Home learning will be uploaded to this page shortly. Please do what you can, but remember to be kind to your grown ups, stay safe and also have fun!


Mrs Mistry



Last term we enjoyed a prince and princess ball to celebrate filling up our class marble jar. We had a fantastic time! Mrs Mistry

This term, our topic is 'Excellent Explorers'. This follows on from last term's topic about Antarctica and we are comparing explorers from past. Please see our Knowledge Organiser attached for more details. If you would like to do some research about either Captain Scott or Ranulph Fiennes then we would love for you to bring your findings into school to show! Many thanks, Mrs Mistry

This week we learned about Chinese New Year. We found out about the Chinese New Year story and acted it out. Then we tasted some chinese noodles and also prawn crackers. The children had a try using chinese chopsticks. We even had a visit from a Chinese dragon! Mrs Mistry

Egypt Factfile Talk for Writing

Still image for this video
This term we are finding out about Egypt and Antarctica. We learned a text map to help us remember some facts.

Happy New Year! Here is our Knowledge Organiser for our new topic for this term - Goggles and Glasses. Please feel free to research the topic at home and bring in any information / photos etc that you find. Thanks, Mrs Mistry

Today we performed some egg-speriments (experiments) in Science! The children chose the materials they wanted and made a nest. Then we dropped an egg from 50cm height to see if it would break!

Last week we were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Elijah. She shared with us her Jewish faith and how she celebrates Shabbat. We enjoyed smelling the spice box at the end and eating the Challah bread. Mrs Mistry

Here is this term's Knowledge Organiser. Please have a look to see what your child is learning about in Topic lessons. Mrs Mistry

It's A Baby! Christmas nativity play

Please bring a named bag ready for the nativity costumes. If your child needs any extra clothes from home, a letter will be out by the end of the week.


Tickets are now on sale from the office - 2 per family in the first instance. 


Thursday 5th December 9:30 am- Dress Rehearsal

You do not need a ticket to watch this performance. 


Monday 9th December - 2pm

Ticket needed


Tuesday 10th December 6pm

Ticket needed - No under 3's allowed at this performance.

Please return the children to school at 5:30 pm. If you are not staying to watch the performance please arrive to pick the children up at 6:50 pm. 


The children have been working really hard learning the words, songs and dances. We can't wait to perform for you. 

Please see the Elm class page for photos of the Year 1 Multi skills tournament.

Thanks, Mrs Mistry

This term we are trying something new! After the success of Talk for Writing, this term we are taking part in Drama for Writing in our English lessons. The children are playing different characters and exploring settings and objects through drama. They are really enjoying it so far. Here are some photos of the children pretending to be shadows. Mrs Mistry

Diwali dance video

Still image for this video
Today in our workshop we learned a dance to retell the story of Rama and Sita.

We had a great time in our Diwali dance workshop today! A video of the finished dance will follow shortly. Well done Willow class! Mrs Mistry

Today we explored the old toys from Abington Park Musuem, we had a great time! Ask your child to tell you about their favourite toy! Mrs Mistry

The children all did a fantastic job with their Family Tree homework! Thanks to all of their families for your support! Mrs Mistry

Peace At Last text map

Peace At Last Story Map

Still image for this video
In English, we have been reading the story 'Peace At Last'. Watch this video to hear us retell the story using actions. This is part of Talk for Writing and helps us to create our own stories. We hope you like it! Mrs Mistry

Welcome to our new Willow class page! We hope that you enjoy finding out about what we are learning about at school this term. Our topic for this term is 'My Family Tree', our Knowledge Organisers will be available soon for more information. We have received some fantastic summer homework so far, if you haven't done so, please bring your homework in as soon as possible.

Many thanks, Mrs Mistry

This week (04.06.19) we have been comparing objects and then numbers using our crocodiles signs <>=

Friday 3.5.19 - Representing numbers to 50

28.03.19 - We were learning the difference between seconds and minutes and had lots of fun learning how to use the stopwatches and getting lots of exercise. We took part in shuttle runs, speedbouncing and balancing quoits on our heads whilst walking to see how many we could do in 20 seconds.

Year 1 Time homework 28.03.19 This homework is on mymaths to give children extra practise at telling the time.

Year 1 - Capacity. This morning (11.03.19) we had lots of fun measuring out different amounts to make a 'forever young' potion. We had to use the words full, empty, half full, half empty.


Still image for this video

Half Term Money Task (15.02.19)

Half Term Homework - Thank you for the amazing money work the children have come to school with so far.  The efforts have been fantastic and much appreciated.  The children have enjoyed telling us what they have done with money during the holidays.

Money Projects

Year 1 maths - measuring with non-standard units

Year 1 - Making arrays

We had great fun yesterday (04.02.19) exploring how to make arrays.  Then we wrote a number sentence to match our array.