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Year 2 Maths

Mrs O’Dell is taking over planning the Y2 maths after half term, as I will teaching back in school.  Therefore, you will find the maths plans on the Willow class page.  Hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Butter

Fancy combining Football and getting active with learning times tables?  Check out this link from Twinkl!  https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/twinkl-partnerships/the-numbers-game/times-tables-day-1-the-numbers-game  (Goes live from 18.5.20)

Home Learning 18.5.20 (Also Maths Mats zip file below)

Home Learning W/b: 04.05.20

Lessons for Week beginning 27.4.20

Home Learning wk/b: 20.4.20

How did you get on with the new Maths Challenge today (24.4.20)? 

This is our working out!  We found there were quite a few steps we had to work out to find the answers.  I thought challenge 3 was the trickiest.  We knew that one number had to be 800 and the other 500 hundred, because that would give us a difference of 300.  The number had to be greater than 300 and less than 400.  We then placed the other digits to make a 3 digit number.  We tried a couple of other numbers but they only made a difference in the two hundreds.  Did you find any other numbers that worked? 

Maths Challenge 21.4.20 - If you don't fancy a video lesson today, then why not try this fun, practical task below.  Especially as it involves water, so probably best to do outside!  I'd love to see your photos of you doing this!

Fantastic work from Georgia on Fractions!

HOME LEARNING WK/B: 20.4.20 - Welcome back and I hope you had a lovely Easter break.  How many of you saw the video of the staff dressed up, wishing you a Happy Easter? We had great fun making it!

 Have you all eaten lots of chocolate eggs?  I was lucky this year and had two!  A Heroes egg and my favourite; Smarties Orange - from my family which was a lovely surprise. 

Now you have had a break, I think you will all be ready to get back into a routine of learning.  I know my children need to, as it gives them a focus each morning. 


I have put together some daily tasks for this week.  Click on the PDF below.

Try out some of these fun maths https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/easter-fun/ activities for The Easter break

HOME LEARNING - I am sending the children home with a pack of activities that they can do at home during this difficult time.  Below is a list of useful websites that you can also access for games and activities.  Please also remember that playing games like shops with real money is fantastic for learning to add up small amounts of money and giving change and much more fun!  Draw around packets, tins and make a shape picture.  Measure objects around the house using a ruler.  Fold paper in half and quarters, find half and quarter of objects.  One area that we have not covered yet is time.  The children will need to practise half past, o'clock from year 1 and then they learn quarter to and quarter past.  If you could help with this on an analogue clock that would be really useful.




https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/477/Multiplication-Tables-Check  For practising 2x, 5x, 10x tables.


https://www.mymaths.co.uk/ I have set the children various tasks to complete and will keep it updated with new ones on a weekly basis.  I have resent the children's passwords in a letter which you can find in their pack.


You can find my email address on this page if you need to contact me.


Take Care

Nicola Butter



Welcome back!


These pages will contain information about fortnightly homework tasks and photographs of the exciting maths learning the children have been engaging in.


My email address if you need to contact me:

Mrs Butter


Useful websites to practise times tables and counting


www.topmarks.co.uk—variety of times table games     




www.collins.co.uk/pages/primary-mathematics-times-tables-test-simulator—good practise for timing tables!


https://timestable.pixl.org.uk/Timestables.html—children need a log in, which they can get from school.


Counting, reading and writing numbers to 100 - (13.09.19)

HOMEWORK (11.10.19) - Thank you for returning your counting in 2s homework.  This week the homework is counting in 3s.  The worksheet is called tricycles.

04.10.19 - This week we have been counting in 3s.

14.10.19 - Making addition stories

Still image for this video
We had lots of fun making stories using the words First, then, then and now to add three numbers together. Next we represented these on tens frames and in a part, part, part whole grid.

This week (wk/e: 25.10.19) we have been adding 3 numbers the most efficient way. First we explored adding different pairs of numbers. Then we found out if we changed the order of the numbers and looked for those that made 5 or 10, it was quicker and easier to find the total.

This week (8/11/19) we have been using our number bonds to 10 to help find bonds to 100. We then used them to solve a problem.

Homework w/e 15.11.19 The children will come home with a Robot sheet.  They need to work out 10 more/less than the number in the robot’s stomach.  Due back by 29.11.19

09.01.20 - Making Cheerio groups of 5 to help us learn our 5 times table

Homework w/e 24.1.20 - The children should have a sheet about Arrays. There are parent notes to explain how we use arrays to make fact families.  Due back by the 7.2.20. Thank you.

Today (11.2.20) we have been learning about pictograms. We looked at our eye colour and made a class pictogram.

Welcome back - This week we have shared our homework task and found the mass of objects in kg and grams. We could compare the objects and say if they were heavier or lighter than each other.

This week (2.3.20) we have been looking at coins and notes.  We have solved problems making equal amounts and used a bar model to help us to add up amounts of money.  At home the children could be asked to find ways to make small amounts of money e.g. 56p then £2.65.  They could set up a small shop, labelling items with prices.  Then add some of these objects together.


We have also been chanting our 2x table at the start of every lesson this week.  Your child should of come home with a 2x table sheet today to consolidate this at home.  Please return by 20th March.

This week (16.3.20) we have been learning about halves and quarters. We have folded paper and looked at finding a half and quarter of cubes.