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Home Learning 13.07.20

Home Learning 06.07.20

Home Learning 15.06.20

Home Learning 08.06.20

Home Learning wk/b: 01.06.20

Home schooling was not going too well in my house this morning (teacher's are human too)! My daughter was not understanding common factors. So we ditched the White Rose and made some factor bugs instead! Sometimes it's got to be done. She was much happier and was still learning about factors. Hopefully this will make tomorrow's lesson a little easier. I have made these in class before and the children love the activity. Can you design your own factor bug and post me a picture?

Fancy combining Football and getting active with learning times tables?  Check out this link from Twinkl!  https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/twinkl-partnerships/the-numbers-game/times-tables-day-1-the-numbers-game  (goes live from 18.5.20)

Home Learning 11.05.20

Fluent in 5 week 3 - mental arithmetic

Using a place value grid and drawing in circles to represent the counters for multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit

Home Learning wk/b: 04.05.20

27.4.20 - Has anyone tried the isee- Gareth Metcalfe lesson this morning? Describe, Visualise and Draw. 

I did!  It was a good bit of fun after the White Rose lesson on rounding decimals.  Great for practising shape and especially good for working on listening and giving instructions.  You could face time a friend and read out the instructions for one of the shapes and see what they draw!  Email me your results!

Mrs Butter's & Megan's work

Home Learning week beinning 27.4.20

Home Learning Tasks - wk/b:20.4.20

How did you get on with the new Maths Challenge today (24.4.20)? 

This is our working out!  We found there were quite a few steps we had to work out to find the answers.  I thought challenge 3 was the trickiest.  We knew that one number had to be 800 and the other 500 hundred, because that would give us a difference of 300.  The number had to be greater than 300 and less than 400.  We then placed the other digits to make a 3 digit number.  We tried a couple of other numbers but they only made a difference in the two hundreds.  Did you find any other numbers that worked?  Challenge 4 - Did you remember what perimeter means?  The clue to the answer was the words 'identical rectangles'.  A mistake my daughter made was to try and measure the rectangle.  We had a discussion about the rectangle being drawn on paper being a different size to the one on the screen or sheet.  This led us to talk about shapes not being drawn to scale.  Hope you enjoyed doing these as much as us.  It was a nice change from the video lessons.  Now it's times tables!

22.04.20 - Try this activity if children are struggling to understand the value of decimals. A tip: we say 0.57 as zero point five seven not zero point fifty seven. This helps when comparing decimals. As 0.5 is less than 0.57 because there are five tenths and 7 hundredths in 0.57 and only five tenths in 0.5.

21.4.20 - Today's lesson on White Rose is writing decimals (yesterday the video didn't work as there were so many people trying to access it - they have resolved this today).  I have just completed this with my daughter and we found it useful to use a hundredths and tenths grid.  I put it in a plastic wallet and she used a whiteboard pen to shade in the fractions. Even having the picture in front of you may help. I have attached a copy of one for you.

Do not feel you have to complete all the tasks on the two sheets.  I would recommend completing the first sheet and anything else you manage is a bonus!

Hundredths and Tenths Grid to help with decimals

HOME LEARNING WK/B: 20.4.20 - Welcome back and I hope you had a lovely Easter break.  How many of you saw the video of the staff dressed up, wishing you a Happy Easter? We had great fun making it!

 Have you all eaten lots of chocolate eggs?  I was lucky this year and had two!  A Heroes egg and my favourite; Smarties Orange - from my family which was a lovely surprise. 

Now you have had a break, I think you will all be ready to get back into a routine of learning.  I know my children need to, as it gives them a focus each morning. 


I have put together some daily tasks for this week.  Click on the PDF below.

Try out some of these fun Easter activities this week



Well done Anmol for your work this week!

Try Fluent in Five at home! - You will recognise some of these from our lesson starters. My daughter likes to challenge me with these, to see who can complete them the quickest!

HOME LEARNING - I am sending the children home with a pack of activities that they can do at home during this difficult time.  Below is a list of useful websites that you can also access for games and activities.  I am not dictating how much you need to complete, as every household situation is different and I do not wish to cause undue stress at this time. 


https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ a great resources and we use this to plan our maths at school.  It contains video lessons and a worksheet.  Tip - Complete the lessons in order.




https://www.mymaths.co.uk/ I have set the children various tasks to complete and will keep it updated with new ones on a weekly basis.  The children should have their passwords in their reading journals.  If not please email me and I can send it to you.


There are further sites below this block and Mrs Mizon has put some maths links on the Sycamore class page.


You can find my email address on this page if you need to contact me.


Take care

Nicola Butter


Welcome to Year 4 Maths

I am looking forward to teaching you maths this year.  This page will contain information about weekly homework tasks and photographs of the work we have been doing in class.

Please remember to bring your times table holiday homework into class on Monday!


Mrs Butter



Homework Expectations


Homework will be given out every Friday and will be due in the following Thursday.  The homework will be a mixture of mymaths, worksheets and tasks or small projects.  Homework will be aimed at the level your child is working at and will continue on from the learning in class.  There will be a large emphasis given to the learning of times tables.  Children are expected to complete the homework independently but may need a little support or encouragement at times.


All children are expected to complete homework on time.  If they do not, then they will lose part of their lunch break on Friday to complete the task (under exceptional circumstances they may be given extra time).

Useful websites to practise times tables and counting


www.topmarks.co.uk—variety of times table games     




www.collins.co.uk/pages/primary-mathematics-times-tables-test-simulator—good practise for timing tables!


https://timestable.pixl.org.uk/Timestables.html—children need a log in, which they can get from school.



Thank you to all those children that have returned their times table homework.  You can still return the booklet to claim your prize and certificate!

Nearly everyone completed their mymaths last week - FANTASTIC!


27.09.19 - Homework this week is a creative maths task!  See a copy of the letter below that should of come home today with a piece of paper to do it on.  Who can be the most creative with their hands?

This week we have been learning to write Roman numerals to 100 and round numbers to the nearest 10 (13.09.19)

16.09.19-Representing numbers to 9999

Last week’s homework helping hands for remembering 3x table facts. Very impressed with everyone’s efforts. These have been laminated and will be handed back to you this week (to keep at home) to help you to learn the facts at speed.

Half Term Homework 25.10.19 - Mymaths - I have chosen a selection of times table activities for you to choose from.  Also, please practise your tables on the PiXL times table app over the holidays or one of the apps that are on this website.  If you have no internet access, collect a sheet from class and/or practise your tables on paper or get someone to ask you multiplication and division questions.

Homework Wk/ending 08.11.19 - We have been learning mental methods for addition and subtraction this week.  Children are to complete the worksheet, using a mental method of their choice.  They can draw a number line or jottings for their preferred method on the sheet.  Can they explain why they chose the method, for one or two of the calculations?


Some children were given times table homework on a sheet to complete instead of the above.

Today (12.11.19) we ran 1000m or 1km, to get an understanding of how far this is, before we did some work on converting these measurements.

Homework week ending 15.11.19 To reinforce our work on finding perimeter, I have set the children a perimeter task on mymaths.  Please complete by Thursday 21st November.

These are some of the mental methods we have been using to help us add and subtract ‘in our head’

Today (21.11.19) we had fun solving a perimeter problem

Home work 22.11.19 - 6x tables speed sheet for most children.

Home work (29.11.19) - This will be the homework task until after the Christmas holidays. Please practise your times tables, using the website listed on the letter you have been given or if you scroll up on this webpage there are other tables apps you can practise your tables on.

Alfie and Oscar made their own problem, based on the ones they completed in class today. We all had fun working it out!

Homework w/e 10.01.20 - Multiplying by 10 sheet - Thank you nearly 100% of pupils completed this homework on time!

Homework Wk/ending 17.1.20 - Mymaths Short Multiplication. The methods we use are on the PDF document. Children will find a paper and pencil handy to complete the mymaths.

Fantastic response to homework! I hope you enjoyed your extra 5 minutes break, as a reward. 
Homework week ending 24.1.20- mymaths more short multiplication for most. You have to fill in the missing numbers. A pencil and paper will be needed for this!
Homework- w/e 31.1.20 Short division worksheet. We have been learning the bus stop method for division.

Homework week ending 07.02.20 - Reading and interpreting graphs worksheet. 

Home work for over half term will be to practise times tables on the PIXL app or using the mathsframe times tables simulator test. The website link is at the top of this maths page.

Homework 28/02/20- Quite a lot of children missed the lesson on Friday, due to other events.  Therefore, I will be repeating today’s lesson on Monday and will give the homework out then, as they will need this method to help them work out the equivalent fractions. They will get longer to complete the homework. Please return by Thursday 12th March.

Homework week ending 13.3.20- Please visit this website daily for 5 minutes to practise your tables for speed! You can adjust the difficulty. Please choose the tables you need to practise (based on your weekly x grid results) for the majority 7,8,9x tables! Remember we are aiming for 25 correct answers in 6 seconds. How much can you improve your score each day?




I have been very impressed with homework results 99% completed last week. Well done everyone-a class reward coming your way!